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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Den Decorating Tips!

Hey Jammers!

Today I'll be sharing with you a few tips on how to decorate your dens!

Step 1: Get inspiration. To be fair, the Epic Dens list doesn't have that many dens that are actually epic. But if you do find a den you like, NEVER copy it directly! Sure, you could base a little section off of something you saw in that certain person's den, but stealing ideas off of someone else is extremely rude and impolite. Here are some great dens to get inspired by:

Step 2: Choose a theme. Having random stuff all over the place looks unorganized and weird. Maybe color-code your den. A popular, simple, an aesthetically pleasing theme is using plants. Plus, the majority are of a greenish hue so they'll match. Some items come in sets, like the Egyptian set or the pig set. These items will match together.

Step 3: Choose a den and wallpaper. Before putting in any of the den items, select a den. A den like Greely's Hideout is much too big in some cases and nobody wants an empty-looking den! Try to select wallpapers that fit with your theme. Wallpapers vary in different dens, so wallpapers may suit your theme better in, let's say the Small House than the Beach House.

Step 4: Start decorating! You'll definitely have to buy a few items along the way or recycle some, so enter codes to get gems, and to save you some time, recycle items in advance! You'll have gems to spend on the den and more inventory slots so you can buy more items! While decorating, try making each room/area designed for a certain part. The kitchen and bedroom can't be in the same room; well, they can, but nobody has their bed right next to the sink!

Other tips on den decorating:

  • Make sure to pay attention to angles. If you put something like a chair against the wall, sometimes it'll look like the item is suspended in the air because the base/bottom of it is on the wall!
  • Symmetry is a MUST in dens. Have 2 of the same items across from each other. You'll see this in a TON of the dens I listed above earlier in this post.

Well, that's all for today jammers!
Signing off,


  1. Hi, Ineffable! Would you mind buddying me on the account Cheetah87516? Thanks! ^-^

    1. Your buddy requests are turned off :(

  2. Great tips! :D I sometimes add random things but not like, let's say, a phantom watcher and a rainbow couch cause those DO NOT match. XD I will use these tips to make my dens better!! :D I wish I could buy new things but I have 500 den items... O,O

  3. Replies
    1. Those dens you listed are AMAZING! I Really, really love Craftyfox's den!


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