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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Animal Jam Fanfiction: Peck's Bell

Peck is one of the sillier Alphas, dedicated to having fun, creating amazing masterpieces, and making music. Though she is most known for her spectacular art, her passion for music has an unknown tale that will be told today.

Take a look at Peck. Do you see the bell clipped on to her ear? This bell has quite the story. You see, when Peck composes a new piece of music, simple or complex, the bell is able to take in the notes and after, whenever the bell moves, the music Peck made plays. Hundreds of Jammers simply follow her when she goes for a morning stroll, watering the luscious patches of carrots in a small garden to hear the beautiful melodies. 

One slightly cloudy day, the bunny Alpha had finished a lovely piece of music and was about to allow her strange bell to absorb it before Cosmo rushed into her workshop with a basket full of medicinal herbs. Their strong scent wafted into the musty room. 

"There are three sick rabbits that need attention later this week. They only let you treat them! After you're finished with whatever you're doing, be sure to have a quick chat with them. These are the herbs you'll need." he explained before rushing out. Peck heaved a sigh before shoving the woven basket next to her art easel. The bell already contained the wonderful music and Peck was excited to let the animals in the Lost Temple of Zios hear it. 

She arrived there quickly, but she walked carefully so the bell wouldn't move while she was arriving. The Alpha then bounded into a cheerful prance and encircled the fallen Zios mask twice. Already, penguins, crocodiles, pandas and more were gathering around to listen. For several minutes, the steady music continued on.

After a while, the ringing of the bell seemed to get quieter and transitioned to a deeper, darker note. To Peck's horror, some of the animals had been lulled by the gentle tones and were sleeping around the Zios mask. A phantom rose out of the ruins, though it wasn't able to shock any of the Jammers due to the fact it was only allowed to go along the boundaries of the circle of ruins.

The music then transitioned completely. A crackling recording came on. A slick, sly voice poured into the air, like oil flowing through the cracks of a rock smoothed out by erosion.

"Greetings, pathetic little animals," murmured the voice. It made everyone shudder, even Peck. She was horrified of what her musical masterpiece had become. "It is obvious who I am," the voice continued. "Aah, being the Phantom King is just so full of pleasure, of luxury...millions of these guys at my service. I just wanted to let you all know, being the nice phantom I am, I wanted to let you know in advance your precious little Jamaa will soon perish." the Phantom King finished, before cackling and ending the recording.

Peck had feared this for so long...
Her music had become corrupted.

...Or is it? Comment below if you'd like a Part 2!

I hope you enjoyed! Please be sure to leave some feedback in the comments below!
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  1. That was awesome! Part two, please?

  2. This was epic! :O I agree with Cosmic--PART TWO, PLEASE!

  3. Great story! I love it! You did an amazing job writing it! ^.^ Part two would be awesome!! Also, welcome to AJ Graphic Central, Ineffable! :)

  4. Panda -- here is your edit I said I was making via JAG!
    Let's see if THIS works:
    Anyways, you're welcome!

  5. Guess what -- your drawing is approved! I already sent you a JAG about it, we can meet up when we're both on to trade it.

  6. Panda, how many times per week should I post fanfictions?

    1. Hmm... whenever you like, really. Although, perhaps a maximum of 2-3 times per week?

    2. Yeah, that's what I was thinking. Thanks!


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