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Thursday, June 23, 2016

A Trade?

Hey jammers! Panda here! <3 p="">
I just finished SCHOOL today!!! I'm super excited, and I can't wait to start putting more time into the blog for you guys!

I'll be posting more tomorrow or on Saturday, but I was wondering...

My cousin plays Animal Jam, and he'll be California for the next 2 weeks. I told him about the spikes coming into the diamond shop, and he asked me if I could trade for a set of teal/blue or black spikes (both collar and wristband). Unfortunately, I'm a non-member, so I can't buy the set for him. >.<

If any of you happen to have the diamonds to buy a blue wristband or blue collar from the diamond shop before they go out of stores, it would be such a huge help! I'd be willing to give you a bunch of free edits (some Deluxe Packs, a bunch of free signatures, headers, entire blog makeovers) and maybe even throw in some RIM's.

But it's perfectly okay if you decide not to do this--diamonds are precious, eh? ;) Seriously though--don't feel pressured or anything, I love all of you so much, and I hate asking something like this of you. >.<

Have a lovely day!
<3 p="">
<3 p="">By the way, there's a SUPER exciting post coming out on Saturday! Hint, hint: Look above the header for a little clue. ;D



  1. I may be able to buy you those! I have 80-something diamonds! A blue collar?

    1. OMG, if you could, that would be super epic! Thank you so much! And yes, a blue or black collar or wristband is fine! :)

      Thank you again!

  2. I will do so if Swirlshine doesn't then I will be backup. However, Im sure she will.

    1. DO you want me to get the other color that Swirlshine isn't getting so it will be a special surprise for your cousin?

    2. That would be helpful, Cerise! Could you buy a black one while I get a blue collar?

    3. But, of course, I can always get both if you don't want to spend all your diamonds! :)
      Either way is fine by me!

    4. Both of you are being so amazing and kind! <3 I'll be on AJ at random times throughout the day tomorrow, so hopefully we'll be on to trade at some point! :D I'll trade some RIM's for the collars, and you can each get some free edits from the Commissions page if you'd like. <3

      Thank you again!!!

    5. Aw, thanks! Happy to help! :)

    6. I will get the black collar then. ok!

  3. I bought both the collars yesterday, when I saw Panda on AJ, but you can still buy the wristbands, Cerise! But I think it wouldn't hurt to have 2 black collars, hehe! :D


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