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Saturday, June 11, 2016


Hey Jammers!

Even though my normal job is to publish Animal Jam fanfictions, Panda said she wouldn't be able to post for awhile so I've decided to compile a list of school/study tips! ^-^

So first of all, I've heard about this thing called the 'Pomodoro Method'. It's a method proven to ease the process of studying and make it pay off and be more efficient.
1. 25 minutes of hard work. No exceptions!
2. 5 minutes break. (tip: just relax. if you start playing AJ as a "reward" you won't be able to stop, and when you're studying you won't focus as well)
3. On the third time you've taken a break, make sure the break lasts 20 minutes long.

Here's a tip I've learned from personal experience. If you are writing about a debate topic in school or for homework, mention the opposing point of view. If you don't have enough info about the point you think is valid, mention the other side.

This one definitely helped me when I started learning French in 1st grade. Read books of the language you are learning out loud because it helps you learn how to pronounce the words and speak clearer in that language.

This one is just a little tip I got off the Internet but have also used myself, as it works quite well! Reading your notes out loud gives you a 50% more chance of remembering them. So if you already have good memory, you'll definitely ace the test now!

Finally, this is from personal experience, but VERY relatable. When your teacher is stating facts, write them down. There's barely anybody in one of my classes that crams notes into their notebooks except for me and my closest friends...and that really helps! The biggest lie you can tell yourself is that 'I don't need that. I don't have to write it down.'

Before going to school in the morning tell yourself the following things:
1. "I can."
2. "Nobody is going to ruin my day, because I won't let them."
And this may sound weird, but it works. Say it OUT LOUD.

Well, that's all for right now, thanks for tuning in, and I'll see you Jammers soon!

Signing off,

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