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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

700 Post Celebration? (and something else completely unrelated)

Hey Jammers!

I know my job is to publish fanfictions, but today I wanted to write about something slightly different...

We are SO CLOSE to 700, yes SEVEN HUNDRED posts on the Animal Jam Graphic Central! Since the AJGC has come this far, I thought maybe the authors of the blog could host a party!

You may have heard that Panda is a bit busy right now. I am as well! I get out of school around the same time as her, but I don´t think I´m as busy as her right now. To lift a little weight off of awesomepanda868´s shoulders, I will likely host the party if the idea is put into consideration. Although I´m not the rarest Jammer on the planet, I will try to host giveaways and play fun little minigames with all of you! And remember, this party is a time to have fun and be silly, but not a time to be mean and rude.

If this party DOES happen, it will probably be hosted next Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on varied schedules.

*Update: If there is a party, I WILL be giving away any of you think you could maybe donate some giveaway-worthy items? TYSM in advance! I will enter as many giveaways as possible to get the most amount of good items for you guys ^-^
On a completely unrelated note, I want YOUR HELP with a new fanfiction series I might be starting! I want to make sure the characters are ones that viewers find exciting and fun. I want to try to make this fanfiction based off of what the public (YOU GUYS!) want! Can you please FILL out the form below by commenting with it and your responses? Thanks!
(just copy and paste the text below)

Setting I would like: (feel free to add an image along with your description)
Characters I would like:
Animal species-
(feel free to add more than 1 character form)
What important details I feel should be added:
(example: constant magic, or no magic at all)
How lengthy I think each episode should be:
(range from 4 paragraphs to 8)

Thank you so much!


  1. *applauds* You guys have grown so fast :')

    1. Thank you....your kind comments are what keeps us going!

  2. Congratulations on .almost. 700 posts!! Also, your fanfiction series idea is fantastic, I'm planning to begin one as well, but I have no idea what characters it's going to include or if it will be AJ related or not...
    Anyways, will your fanfiction series be AJ-related? Just asking, in case I come up with a good character idea.

    Good work, this blog is pure pawesomeness!!

    1. Thank you! <3

      And yes, Ineffable's fanfiction's will be AJ-related. :)

      You're an author for AJ Cheats & Codes, right? Your name sounds familiar!


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