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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Pizza Prep Station + Leaving Soon Items + Graphic!

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Hi jammers! Today's post will be pretty long- so be prepared. :P

The new furniture item is the pizza prep station in Jam Mart Furniture!

Hmm- I wonder what each of those topping are.... and by clicking the color change button, you can switch the color of the red bar. Just two little things... WHY IS IT FOR MEMBERS and WHY IS IT SO EXPENSIVE?!?!?!? XD

The new clothing items are the heart earmuffs in Jam Mart Clothing!

Hmm- pretty neat item. :P I like the colors that the item comes in, but it is for member only... ):

Another new item that was released yesterday (forgot to put it in the post :P) is the pink treasure in Sunken Treasures!

Aww- it looks so shiny and cute! ^.^ But yet again- WHY FOR MEMBERS ONLY, AJHQ?!?!

This blog hardly ever posts the 'leaving soon items', so I thought that perhaps, for today's 'Mystery Sunday', I would post the items leaving stores soon. So, here we go! :D

Epic Wonders:

Jam Mart Furniture:

Jam Mart Clothing:

Treetop Gardens:

It's sad to see all those items go... I rather liked all of them. ;( Especially the alpha nesting dolls... 

Ha- and here is a random graphic I found. :P You can use it without credit.

Okie jammers, I better get started on the Featured Graphics post! Make sure to send in all of your graphics to be featured in the post by 11:00 AM AJGC Time!

Ciao jammers!


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