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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Crystals + Tuesday Tips!

Hi jammers! Sorry that Frost didn't post yesterday for the World Tour! Anyways, make sure to check out Lovely's blog, AJ Cookies later for her Blogger World Tour post! :D (Note to Lovely: If you lost your Blogger World Tour header image, click here!)

The new item is the deep sea crystals in Sunken Treasures!

I love this item, and the colors it comes in are fantastic! And for once, the price isn't too horrible. XD 

Did you guys realize that the Twists and Turns music as well as the Jamaaliday Rescue music is still in the Diamond Shop? XD Oh well, I guess Thanksgiving and Christmas never leave. :P

For today's Tuesday Tips, I will share a few ways on how to save gems/diamonds. :)
  • If you would like to buy something in the Diamond Shop, say, elf tail armor (costs 3 diamonds), but would also like to save diamonds for the new animal coming out soon, then make sure you have 13 diamonds before buying the elf tail armor. That way, when you buy the armor, you will have enough diamonds left over to buy the new animal!
  • To earn some extra gems, play the adventure tutorial over and over again! In around 2 minutes, you could have earned a few hundred to a few thousand gems!
  • A fun way to hang out with your buddies, earn a few cool items, and earn a couple hundred gems, is to play an adventure with your friends! Make sure to stop by all of the chests to earn the maximum amount of gems!
Sorry for the lame tips- you probably knew all of those already. :P I will be making a more "educational" post later, about the lands of Jamaa, and how they relate to the ones in the real world. :)

Ciao jammers! 


P.S. Make sure to vote on this poll soon (if you haven't already)!


  1. Nice tips :3
    --Purplestarclub (of course, of course >:P)

  2. I don't see the poll... Where is it?

    1. It is under the Current Polls sign on the right sidebar.


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