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Monday, February 16, 2015

RIM + New Item + Monday Animal Facts + Question/Poll!

Hi jammers! Today for the Blogger World Tour, make sure to check Frost's blog, Flying Over Jamaa!

The RIM today is the rare heart cape in Jam Mart Clothing (2nd page)!

I love everything about this item (the coziness, the colors, the details etc.) besides the price. XD Since I have been getting lucky on the Daily Spin recently and earning a lot of gems, I will buy one. :P

And the new item is the cherry tree in Jam Mat Furniture!

For today's Monday Animal Facts segment, here are a few facts!
  • The cheetah is the fastest land animal in the world. They can reach a top speed of around 113 km per hour.
  • Wolves are excellent hunters and have been found to be living in more places in the world than any other mammal except humans.
  • Lions are the second largest big cat species in the world (behind tigers).
  • Female elephants spend their entire lives living in large groups called herds. Male elephant leave their herds at about 13 years old and live fairly solitary lives from this point.
Sorry for the few facts- I wanted to cover a bit more in this post and I don't have too much time. XP

On the side of the blog, you may have noticed the new poll!

Make sure to cast your vote in so that we can make the AJGC better! :D

Also, for the second day that AJGC will be posting, would you prefer a second segment of Handy-Dandy codes, or a post explaining a few ways on how to make graphics? Make sure to comment down below! :D

A quick notice- all graphic-related commissions are put on hold until further notice. We had to send my drawing tablet back for a reason, and I can't make very good graphics without it. But we are ordering a new one, and it will likely be here within the next week or two. :)

One more thing- here is my entry for spiritpaw's Claw Art! Make sure to enter your own by clicking here! Like I said previously, I didn't have my drawing tablet, so it looks pretty bad. XD

Whew- that looks so bad. XD

Okay jammers- see you later! :D



  1. Amazing post! I kinda like the new RIM, it's cute, but very expensive :(

  2. I think the wolf fact is the same for all fox species. I read something like that somewhere...... (The part where it says they have been found in more places in the world, I mean.)

  3. Wait panda!!!!!! Plz do not do a how to on graphic!! I am doing that!




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