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Monday, February 23, 2015

RIM + Monday Animal Facts & Adorable Animal Pictures!

Hey jammers! How has your Monday been going? Mine went pretty well, besides the fact that it is my first day back to school after that long, wonderful, relaxing break. :P This post won't be exceptionally long, since I have about 4 tests tomorrow that I have to study for. >.< Holy moly.

Anyways (enough about my insanely boring person life :P) he RIM is in Jam Mart Clothing! I was too lazy to count what page it was on, but it is on the same page as the deer fur and that awesomely amazing mustache. :{D (haha- my attempt at making a mustache emoticon. :P)

Sorry to all you rare-hat-and-curly-wig-lovers, but I really hate this item. :T It is expensive, and it is for member only. D: And this item's non-rare cousin isn't very popular around Jamaa to begin with. 

:looks at gems: Oh my gosh, where did all my gems go!?!?!? I started this day with 7,600 and now I only have 6,000... Oh right... I bought every single color of the heart headbands, that's why. XD I am completely OBSESSED with those headbands!!! And they are leaving so soon that I had to stock up... Yeah. XD

Now for the Monday Animal Facts! :D
  • Bamboo accounts for 99% of a giant panda's diet.
  • Sloths sleep for up to 20 hours a day. 
  • Emperor penguins live for around 20 years. They can also walk faster than a child.
  • The aardvark gets its name from a South African word meaning 'earth pig'. 
  • A sea otter is around 8 times as long as a teaspoon.
And to rap up today's post, here are some ADORABLE animal pictures to make you scream with cuteness. :P Be prepared. :wiggle eyebrows:

Aww!! Look at that precious, adorable, out-of-this-world cute sea otter!! 

Haha- that looks like me on the weekends. :P But seriously- that panda is SO CUTE!
Aww! THAT RED PANDA NESTLED IN THE TREE IS ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!! I will do ANYTHING that cute little red panda tells me to do! Infinite powers of persuasion. :D
Hello to you too, adorable kitten! :waves back: Aww...
No explanation needed. Besides: THAT PUPPY IS SO CUTE.
I hope that you are beside yourself with cuteness right now. ;D 

Okay jammers, I better go study my French vocabulary for my test on Wednesday and the properties and interactions of sound waves for my science quiz tomorrow. Blech. XP


Haha, just a flashback to my last quotes Happy Movement segment. :P (I am so sorry that I didn't do a Happy Movement segment on Saturday, I was really busy. XP)

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