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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Jamaa Journal + Owls!!! + Pizza Parlor Items + Daily Explorer Post + TONS MORE!

Hi jammers! Did you know that this is our 195th post? How did you guys put up with me that long? XD We have a LOT to cover today! ^.^ Not a second to waste! :D

Wow! They finally came! And they are so so so adorable! ^.^ (look later in the post for the actions and look of the owls!)

Hundreds of thousands of jammers voted? O,O Wow! And I am so happy that the Pizza Parlor got chosen! (look later in the post for the new Pizza Parlor items!)

Owl mini-book?!?! Uh oh- mini-books are always loaded with perfect images for graphics... looks like you all will have to deal with even more owl graphics from me! XD And that exhibit sounds amazing!

We will make sure to celebrate the Safer Internet Day on the AJGC next Tuesday! 

A new Wild Explorers video? Awesome! ^.^ And we have donated 65 MILLION valentines, jammers! Great job!!!

Here are some pictures of the fabulous new owls!!!

In the Diamond Shop 
Using emoticon
 Here are the new Pizza Parlor items! (in Jam Mart Furniture)

These are all pretty overpriced, but awesome (and quite yummy looking :P) all the same! I wish I had more inventory slots to buy these amazing items. D: And too bad everything except the pizza boxes is for members...

And in Jam Mart Clothing, a cute heart scarf is on sale, as well as a chef's hat (perfectly in time for the Pizza Parlor items! ^.^):

Yikes- that hat is expensive! >.< But the scarf is reasonably priced. ^.^ 

You can learn more about the Safer Internet Day by clicking on the banners around Jamaa!

And make sure to stop by the Chamber of Knowledge to read the new owl mini-book!

You can also download and print this adorable mini-book by clicking here!

On The Daily Explorer, they posted about the new Wild Explorers video! It is adorable!

Make sure to watch the video to learn how to make Franken-worms!

I even snapped a picture of a new background they showed in the video! 

I wonder why they didn't put Mira in her normal area... 

Yikes- I better post the Think About it Thursday now so that this post doesn't go on forever...

What do you think is inside of that chest?

I wonder where that door leads to...

What do you suppose those scrolls are?

Did you know that by clicking on the candles in the Chamber of Knowledge, they light up?

Okay jammers- make sure to check back later for some possible owl graphics, and plan a stop to the Chamber of Knowledge to read the owl mini-book and to play Mira Says (double gems :D)!

Play wild jammers! :D

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  1. Hi panda awesome post! I was just wondering if you got my commission order (I used the promo code you gave yesterday) so just let me know if you got it!



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