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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Clover Benches + DE + Sunday Randomness!

Hi jammers! ^.^

The new item is the clover bench in Jam Mart Furniture!

Pretty nice price, but all it's just a members only bench stamped with a clover. :T But perfect for Happy-Go-Lucky dens! :D 

Greely posted a new diamond challenge! This one is rather interesting- you have to write a two or three paragraph essay! :D I love writing (haha- aren't I weird?) so I submitted a three paragraph essay about the video: How Strong is an Elephant's Trunk? Make sure to submit your own for a chance to win 5 diamonds! :D Click the image below to head over to the post!

This new commission has been on the Commissions page for awhile, but you can now order your very own pre-made template from our selection! Our author, arcticpenguin661 made a new one and it is FABULOUS! Check out Rainbow World by arcticpenguin661!

If you would like this template installed, make sure to contact arcticpenguin661! :) 

For today's Sunday craziness, I will be sharing some funny things that jammers have said this morning in Jamaa Township! XD

(the jammer she was speaking to was quitting) Umm... the jammer can hold onto their items if they like, even if they are quitting. 

I know this is the lyrics to a song, but kind of funny if you didn't know that. :P She doesn't want the world to see her. XD

Do what? And just because your spike got scammed doesn't mean it's the end of the world or that we have to do anything. :T

Okay... XD 

Okay, this is just weird and slightly disturbing. XD 

Yikes- our world of Jamaa is pretty messed up. :P

Ciao jammers! I will try to post the Featured Graphics post soon! :)


P.S. You have until 4:30 AJGC time to vote on the poll! 

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