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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Leprechaun Gnome + Commission Code + Other Stuff!

Hi! Umm... yeah. Hi. School has been AWFUL lately. Ever since the start of 3rd quarter, there has been a whole lot more work. >.< And I don't even want to THINK about what 7th grade will be like next year if 6th grade is hard enough. :(

Anyways, the new item is this creepy, humanized leprechaun thingy in Jam Mart Furniture...

Wow, that is SO creepy, at least to me. I mean, a mouse leprechaun is just weird. And that gnome is so expensive!!!

Sorry, I better get started on my HW, so here is a quick commission code that I whipped up. :P

Yeah. So you can now get a Deluxe Pack for a discounted price of only a small rare instead of a medium rare. If any of you have more 'exciting' ideas for the Wednesday Freebies, please leave them below! I've basically used all of the possible commission coupons, and I can't make graphics every Wednesday. XP

On the DE they posted a new Jammer Spotlight.

Notice anything? Look at the image for a few moments and see if you saw one of the things that was different about this picture. When you think you have found one or have given up, scroll down to see the answer.

The image is transparent!

Yep! AJHQ finally moved away from having those weird beige backgrounds, and now has transparent backgrounds! :D Yay!

Well, ciao for now jammers!



  1. I'm moving to 8th grade next year and I turn 13 in a month. >.< Life is just going to get harder, Panda. :c

  2. Ah yes. I hate school. I have to take these really cruddy tests next week whose only purpose is to literally torture us students brains. Fun, I know (//sarcasm)


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