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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Heart Table & Dart Board + Valentine's Day/Winter Themed Outfit & Den Tips!

Hi jammers! I had a two-hour delay this morning, but I was too lazy to post. :P Apologies.

The new items are the heart table and pizza parlor dart board in Jam Mart Furniture.

The prices are reasonable for new items nowadays in Jamaa... I do like the heart table item- the fun colors it comes in and the overall style of it are cute! ^.^ If only AJHQ were nice and would make them for non-members... XD 

I had many Valentine's day den tips (and a few outfit tips) that I had been saving for today's Tuesday Tips all week, so here they are! ^.^

Cherry Blossom Sigurd Shrine

This is a shrine in honor of the wonderful (yet hardly mentioned :P) Sigurd (deer alpha). I got the idea for this amazing den idea from xxsmile's review of Pumagirlz's den! All credit goes to Pumagirlz, not me. :) Here is what you need to make this shrine (you can always add more items if you like):

What You Need:

1 Sigurd Statue (can be bought in the Chamber of Knowledge shop)
3 Cherry Blossom Trees (at least) (can be bought in Epic Wonders furniture shop)
1 Heart Flower Bed (can be obtained in the Special Delivery adventure)

Mira and Zios Shrine

Here is a little (delicious chocolate :P) shrine for the two wonderful founders of Jamaa, Mira and Zios. To make this cute shrine:

What You Need:

1 Chocolate Mira Statue (can be obtained in the Special Delivery adventure)
1 Bouquet of Chocolate Roses (can be obtained in the Special Delivery adventure)
1 Chocolate Zios Fountain (can be obtained in the Special Delivery adventure)

Non-Member Valentine Craft Table

This is a completely non-member craft table arrangement! Perhaps you can call your buddies over and you can all make Valentines together! ^.^ Here is how to make this arrangement:

What You Need:

2 Craft Tables (can be obtained in the Special Delivery adventure)
1 Heart String (can be obtained in the Special Delivery adventure)
3 Heart Window Sets (can be obtained in the Special Delivery adventure)

Cozy Pink Panda Outfit

Here is a super cozy, pink-themed outfit especially made for the panda (but other animals can wear it as well)! Of course, you can make this outfit with other colors, such as blue, purple and red.

What You Need:

1 Pink Fox Hat (can be obtained in adventure like Return of the Phantoms or through trading)
1 Pink Holiday Sweater (can be obtained through trading)
1 Pink Glove (can be obtained through trading)

Cozy Blue Arctic Wolf Outfit

Here is an ultra cozy blue-themed arctic wolf outfit, though it looks amazing in any color and on any animal! :D

What You Need:

1 Pair of White Sunglasses (can be obtained through trading)
1 Blue Jamaaliday Scarf (can be obtained through trading)
1 Rare Raccoon Tail (can be obtained through trading)
1 Rare Wooly Sweater (can be obtained through trading)

Sorry that there weren't many non-member tips- I will try to make more next time. :)

Ciao for now, jammers! :D



  1. Cute tips! :3

    (omg that sounds like Q-tips! Sorta... X3)

    1. Thanks! And yeah, it kind of does. :P Cute tips... Q-tips... Cutepups... XD THEY ALL SOUND THE SAME!!

  2. I'm going to make that Sigurd shrine with Olive the Cheetah! :D

    1. AFTER DECORATING A DEN: Wow. I really took that simple idea to the next level. It's going to be in my party tomorrow! I'm making an activities list right now ^-^


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