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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

New Items + Unreleased Items + Coupon!

*NOTICE: The Blogger World Tour will begin this coming Sunday, February the 15th. Since nobody else has joined besides AJ Cookies and AJ Go, AJGC will fill in for all of the missing days, and anyone who would like to join anytime in the middle of the tour can let me know! :D*

Heyo jammers! :D (The CUZIMHAPPY code expired today, by the way. ): But a new one is in store for you this post. ^.^)

One of the new items is the cupid wings in Jam Mart Clothing. :)

This is a really cute item! ^.^

Another new item is in Jam Mart Furniture, the heart tree.

AGH EXPENSIVE TREE!!! XD Cute anyways. :P

(Sorry this post seems so rushed- my English teacher gave me tons of long, boring, hard homework today that I have to get done.)

Nafaria9 spotted this unreleased item in WisteriaMoon's den! She calls it a squash chair.

(Image from AJ Whip)

Here is today's discount coupon for an entire blog package!

An entire blog package is one of the commission packages. It means that I do EVERYTHING for you on your blog, completely customized to what you like! :D Normally the price is a large rare (rare headdresses or non rare headdresses, party hats, large betas, rare spikes etc.) but until this Friday, they are on sale for a medium rare (fox hats, rare bows, worns, NM swords, mech helmets, small den betas etc.)!

Okay jammers- better get started on my HW. >.<




  1. Great coupon!! In the full blog package, does it have to be right away or can you purchase it for use at another time? Also, is it used all at once or can it be little bits here and there?

    1. Thanks! I secretly made it because I love making blog packages and nobody has ordered one yet. :P I would prefer that you paid and used it at the same time, but you can pay for it and use it later. As for the second question- of course! ^.^


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