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Friday, February 27, 2015

Leprechaun Hat + Lucky Party Tour + Friday Randomness!

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Hi jammers! I only have an hour (56 minutes, to be exact) to make this post, which for me is like 10 seconds because I take so long to make these posts. XD At school today I got to go to a special math class where we began learning HTML coding! So soon I may be able to create small HTML-based gadgets for you guys! So far I can only make a rectangle. XD

The new item is the leprechaun hat in Jam Mart Clothing:

Pretty cute item! ^.^ And the colors it comes in are super fun! :D

Speaking of Happy-Go-Lucky, here is a tour of the brand-new party that has come to Jamaa!

When you first enter there is a small wishing well and a Happy-Go-Lucky shop/stand where you can buy some items!

The six items at the Lucky Shop include: Clover Balloons, Clover Table, Clover Chair, Clover Patch, Lucky Clover and Pot O' Gold. They are all around 150 gems to 500 gems. 

When you go down, there is a green cobblestone pathway with a clover formed by smaller clovers in the center.

Inside the party, there is an assortment of green items (including a sofa arrangement, oversized paw print rug, and green tea set) and the music for sale.

The music for sale is the Happy-Go-Lucky music. 

There are patches of grass and clovers surrounding the green paved patio outside. 


Name of Den: Small House 

Shops: Lucky Shop (one is for furniture, one is for music)

Items for Sale: Clover Balloons, Clover Table, Clover Chair, Clover Patch, Lucky Clover, Pot O' Gold and Happy-Go-Lucky (music).

Main Color Scheme: Green

Easter Eggs (secrets): By clicking on the clover in the center of the paths, your animal will get a clover floating next to them.

Well, I hope you enjoyed that walkthrough. :P 

For today's Friday Randomness, I will be making den tips based on the arrangements in the Lucky Party!

Happy-Go-Lucky Sofa Arrangement

What You Need:

6 green sectional sofas
1 clover table
1 clover chair

Happy-Go-Lucky Patio Arrangement

What You Need:

Lots of grass patches
2-5 clover patches
1 Pot O' Gold

Happy-Go-Lucky Outdoor Arrangement

What You Need:

2 clover benches
1 clover table

Sorry that they were so lame. :P 

Okay jammers, I got to go. D:



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    1. No, but I may allow commenting if enough people request it.


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