Blogger Tricks Animal Jam Graphic Central!: Heart Couch + Primroses + Tuesday Tips + Jammer Shout-outs!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Heart Couch + Primroses + Tuesday Tips + Jammer Shout-outs!!

Hi jammers! I better make this post somewhat short, since I have to go to the dentist in around 20 minutes. Blech. I hate the dentist. All those sharp, metal tools... >O<

The new item is the heart couch in Jam Mart Furniture!

I like this item (Especially the price! ^.^), but I wish it looked a bit bulkier in dens. It tends to look a bit small in dens.

I forgot to post about these primrose bouquets yesterday, but here they are! (I always forget to look in Treetop Gardens for new items. XD)

Yikes- take a look at the price on the member one! >.< They remind me a bit of the carnation bouquets that left stores a few days ago. ^.^ Oh well- the primroses are pretty. :)

Hmm... I had a hard time coming up with today's Tuesday Tips, so apologies for the bad tips. XD

Here are a few den tips... ^.^

Pile up those heart windows (earned in Special Delivery) to make a cute window arrangement!

Place two of the same object to either side of a doorway or opening! I used the chocolate Mira statues  (earned in Special Delivery) and the cherry blossom trees, but you can use any objects! 

Sorry for the small amount of tips (You are probably like: Umm, yeah Panda, you only made two. :T) but as I said, I have to make this post quick. >.< Perhaps I can post more later. :)

For an ending to this post, here is a quick list of just a few of the amazing jammers in Jamaa!

Moondancer31: You are such a generous, kind and helpful friend! Even today, you were way too nice and gave me tons of Special Delivery items that I had been wanting ever since the adventure came out! ^.^

Mimi5000: Ever since I met you (On Christmas day, ironically. XD) you have been a joy to have as a friend! You have always been supportive, kind, funny and an amazing blogger as well! (Pst! And thanks a ton for telling me how to get that adorable red bow on the pet panda!)

EtherealComet: I never even met you or talked to you, but your blog and your kindness has truly changed Jamaa in a positive way! I hope one day you will respond to my flood of emails and comments! XD

nafaria9: You were always a kind, compassionate and wonderful friend! Even though I always thought you were one of those famous jammers I wasn't supposed to talk to, you turned out to be a loving buddy that I could never ever replace!

Okay jammers- got to go! See you all soon!


  1. Aww, thank you! :) I should probably purchase some of those primrose bouquets now. :p

    1. No problem! ^.^ I will probably continue the Jammer Shoutouts tomorrow, but I will most likely never get through all the wonderful jammers... And same here. :P

  2. I have a dentist appointment in a week or two. *awkward laughter* *sigh* My head's been hurting all day. *cough, cough* AHEM. They peeps up there ^ they so awesome. Like totally. I do that 2 item doorway thing, too. It makes den entrances much more snazzy. So snazzy. Yes. O.o

    1. XD I hope you feel better... Agreed. :P SNAZZY!!!

  3. I was wondering if you could make a graphic out of this:

    Its from the Return of the Alphas video, and the artwork used in that is really cool! Peck is the only full-body alpha in that particular shot, so a graphic of her would be neat.



  4. Wow nice tips! Omg, thank you so much! You are definitely my best buddy ^-^ And, for panda bow, that's what BFFs do! :P


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