Blogger Tricks Animal Jam Graphic Central!: Heart Mat + Think About it Thursday + EXCLUSIVE WORD-SEARCH!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Heart Mat + Think About it Thursday + EXCLUSIVE WORD-SEARCH!

Hi jammers! I have a few homework assignments that I would prefer to get out of the way, so I will make this post quick, then focus on posting again perhaps a bit later and (maybe) even finish Frost's commission. (Frost: For me to edit your blog, I need to be an admin of it. Can you add me as one so I can make the changes? Thanks! :D)

The new item is the heart welcome mat in Jam Mart Furniture! :)

This was an item from last year's Friendship Festival. The price is pretty decent, but the colors are so dull. ): 

Here is today's Think About it Thursday! :D The focus points are circled in red.

Ever wonder what those purple and red (and a bit of brown) snacks were? What do you think they are?

What is that odd decoration mounted on the wall? Is it another important Jamaasian figure? Another alpha? Or just a creepy dude? :P

Huh- I never noticed that there was a Zios decoration there. 

Did you ever notice that the elephant statue on top of the Temple of Trivia was on the map? 

Weird how the torch looks so cartoonish and the things around it look more like the rest of Jamaa.

And here is an exclusive word search with some words relating to Animal Jam in it! I made it with this handy dandy word search maker. :P You can print it out by printing this page, or you can copy and paste it onto another document. If you use it for your own site, please give credit. 

Jamaasian Word Search



Enjoy! ;D

Okay jammers- bye for now! :P



  1. I'm having a little trouble with the sidebar graphic I just got. On the blog it shows up with a white background. How do I fix this?

    1. Hmm... try making sure that the image is in a PNG format. Otherwise, you can try adding me as an admin and I will try to fix it for you. :T

  2. Creative! A word search on a post! Cool! :3


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