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Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Great Graphic-Making Race: Round 3

Hey jammers!

So, we're into round three of the new Graphic-Making Race series here on AJGC! If you don't know what this series is, here is the introductory post:

Now that you know what the competition/challenge is, here is the third round of graphics made by the participants of this challenge! :D 

But before we jump right into the graphics, here is a brief overview of the details and requirements for this round of the challenge:

Lands Assigned to Each Member/Participant:
(each member had to make as many graphics as they could from that land, including any and all graphics from that land's shops, landmarks, and buildings--but limiting the graphics made from the land's shop's items to only 3 graphics)

awesomepanda868: Club Geoz & Sol Arcade Ineffable: Jam Mart Furniture, Jam Mart Clothing and Diamond Shop (2 graphics from EACH shop will be counted towards total graphic count) CosmicKitty AJ: Jamaa Township (excluding the interior of any shops/buildings)

Okie, now let's get into the actual graphics! :D


awesomepanda868: Club Geoz & Sol Arcade


Ineffable: Diamond Shop & Jam Mart Clothing & Jam Mart Furniture


Cosmic: Jamaa Township (excluding interior of buildings)

Jamaa Fountain Graphic.PNG
This wonderful fountain changes as the seasons come and go in Jamaa, this view of it in summer and spring, a Clover Fountain around the time of Lucky Day, a spooky centerpiece in Night of the Phantoms, and a fireplace with reindeer decked among it in the Jamaalidays. Good luck finding it! AJHQ also said that the fountain ‘grants wishes,’ but that is not true.

docked boat graphic.PNG
This dock and it’s wonderful boat counterpart take place in one of the various bodies of water in Jamaa Township. If you want to fish, row, or watch your ducky play it’s signature game, then this boat is for you. Try to find what body of water it’s in -- I’m challenging you!

kitty hat graphic.PNG
You would of had a true challenge if I wouldn’t of enlarged this graphic! In Jamaa, this is actually pretty small, so look hard for it! Some people don’t even notice this, but at any view of the front of Jam Mart Clothing you can see multiple clothing items that might be familiar. The Spartan Helmet (or is it the Knight Helmet?), Top Hat, Police Hat, and odd bracelets are also present at the store’s front area. It’s a bit blurry because of how small it was originally, but it still works out, doesn’t it?

LEFT bridge graphic.PNG
This bridge is on ONE of the sides of Jamaa. It leads to either Appondale or Zios, and you can see a bit of what the bridge is behind, but it may not be obvious at first. Jammers like this bridge better than the next bridge for some reason.

RIGHT bridge graphic.PNG
This is the OTHER bridge on the OTHER side of Jamaa. It leads to whatever land that the previous bridge didn’t.

rose graphic.PNG
This graphic can be used for people who like to make nature-y edits. This is near a certain spot where there is a shop and Cosmic likes it because of it’s theme (bolded words are hints). People usually take the rose bush as a hiding spot because bunnies are ‘invisible’ under it.

Appondale sign graphic.PNG
Yup, a sign to _________. And it’s pointing left. That means it must go with the left bridge. But I wonder what bridge above is the left bridge! Hmm…

Zios sign graphic.PNG
Yeah, another sign. And it leads to ___ ____ ______ __ ____! It’s pointing right, so that must mean it goes with the right bridge! Whatever isn’t the left bridge is the right bridge!

spring mira graphic.PNG
This is a pretty obvious one, if I say so myself. She is the sky mother of Jamaa, one of Animal Jam’s mythology, the most-used character in AJ’s lore because Zios was inspired by Incan Mythology. (You can read about it here.) The statue of this beautiful blue heron changes with the seasons, and a tall Phantom statue takes her place at the time of Night of the Phantoms (around Halloween).

buddy sign graphic.PNG
This is a buddy sign. It is located on the outside of the ______ ____. This place USED to be for talking and telling stories to buddies, but now it’s a place to roleplay family. Yeah, this sign is the buddy symbol and it’s found near the Sol Arcade, and the building is across from Club Geoz.

game icon sign.PNG
That is a game sign, right above this text. This place is one of Cosmic’s favorite place, for it’s resemblance of spaceThe newest shop released in Animal Jam was put in this location, the ___ ______.

pillowroom graphic.PNG
Ahh, the ______ ____! It was where the Medical Center was located in the Beta Days. This place was SUPPOSED to be for storytelling, but it later became known as the “Adoption Center.”

jammercentral graphic.PNG
Aah, the central of Jamaa! If you click on the bulletin board, you can view howls, the Art Gallery of featured drawings (you get an artist plaque for getting your art featured!), the newest animal’s video (in the case of 5/19/16, “Ambushed”), and the recent Animal Jam - Play Wild!, Animal Jam’s 3-D app cousin (buddy me on it -- Cheetah87516!), news. This used to be a stone circle in the Beta Days. It is the ______ _______!

velvet line thing graphic.PNG
This, Cosmic doesn’t even know what it’s proper name is. She calls it the velvet line holder thingy. It’s fastened to the ground by Jamaa’s club, Club ____. It isn’t a populated Club.

rug graphic.PNG
This rug is by the velvet line holder thingy that Cosmic put above. For your answer, if any, for this clue, you can number it “#14 + #15” if you wish. This clue and the previous clue have the same answer. The rug is the entryway to ____ ____.

sol arcade graphic.PNG
The ___ ______! This is one of Cosmic’s favorite places in Jamaa, and you get to play games in this area. You can play all of the games in Jamaa, except Spot On.

blanket rack graphic.PNG
rack for blankets, blankets for a rack. The blankets on a rack symbolize the entrance of ___ ____ ________ is near. It is also by the Summer Carnival banner of Jamaa Township.

kimbara sign.PNG
The wonderful _______ _______! It came with the return of koalas on July 25th, 2013. That was about 3 years since we’ve had a new land!

RIGHT banner graphic.PNG
This HAS to be one of the banners on the roof of Club Geoz, I know it! But, is it the left banner, right banner, or the center banner? I don’t know, but it’s definitely on the roof of Club Geoz!

CENTER banner graphic.PNG
WHAT!? ANOTHER BANNER!? How many banners are there, like really? Wait.. This banner looks like the previous banner! That means that it’s either the left banner, the right banner, or the center banner. But I’m puzzled about that.

CENTER banner graphic.PNG
Wait, ANOTHER BANNER? This is insane. How many banners are there? What? This looks almost exactly like the previous two banners! It must be a banner from the roof of Club Geoz! There are three banners. There are three banners on this list. Is this the right banner, left banner, or the center banner?

flower box graphic.PNG
This one’s tough. I’ll give you a hint. Jam Mart _________. I didn’t even see it until the time of writing this it was so hidden! But it’s close to the Jamaa ladybug.

sarepia sign.PNG
This building is familiar… It’s the Theater! The theater in _______ ______! That makes more sense. It must lead there! I hope I don’t see any roleplayers that can “fight” me while I’m walking across the clearing to The Lost Temple of Zios! 


So, according to the tallies above, Cosmic Cheetah was the winner, with 23 graphics! (Ineffable won with 32 last time, and you won with 23 this time! How bizarre! :P) Wowza! :O You can pick ANY custom edit/commission from the Commissions page or receive an RIM on AJ! (Comment down below your choice! :D) 
Well, AJGC certainly has a LOT more graphics to add to the graphics library now! ^.^ Thanks to all of the participants, of course!

I hope you enjoyed that post! Have a lovely day, everyone!



  1. (OH MY FUZZLES THIS IS THE BEST UPDATE EVER) Great graphics, guys! Where do you put the Great Graphic-Making Race graphics?

    1. Haha, yes, the update is SO EPIC! :O

      I'd like to make a new sidebar image for the race! ^.^

  2. I would like a commission, please. Do I order it on the commissions page?


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