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Saturday, May 21, 2016

How to ACE Finals & Super Effective Study Tips!

Hey jammers!

So, whether or not you're finished with your final exams for school, learning new ways of studying is always a good idea! ^.^ And that's why today I'll be sharing with you some study tips to help you ace any finals or tests coming up!

I asked some of the members of the AJGC Management Team for some study tips, so some of these are from them as well! :D

Without any further ado... let's get into this post!

Tip #1: When studying, chew a specific, wonky flavor of gum, and then while you're taking the test, chew the same flavor of gum. (from Ineffable)
Although I've never tried this one out for myself, I've heard that this actually works! ^.^ Grab yourself a pack of wacky-flavored gum at a nearby store before you start studying for your next exam, and chew the same flavor of gum during your exam! I imagine this could also work with certain flavors/types of candy and chocolates as well! :D

Tip #2: Use Google Scholar to research instead of Google. (from Ineffable)
This one I have used in the past! If you're looking for some information for presentations, or just some extra info to enhance your grasp on a subject, using Google Scholar ( instead of plain old Google is super useful, as many of the articles are more trustworthy and have extremely helpful information.

Tip #3: Dress to impress.
I've always found that if I wear pajama-like clothes to school (sweatpants, comfiest sweatshirt, UGG boots etc.) on the day of an exam, I tend to feel tired and lazy, and not do my best. If you're the same way, then it is important to "dress to impress" on the day of the exam. Force yourself to wear something that motivates you to be productive and try your hardest on the test. Of course, you still want to be comfortable, but not so comfortable that you fall asleep halfway through your exam! I force myself to wear skinny jeans, Converse sneakers and a light sweatshirt to exams, though I'd much rather wear sweatpants! ^.^

Tip #4: Study one subject at a time. 
If you study English, math, history and science all at the same time, you're pretty likely to get confused! >.< This is why designating 30-40 minutes blocks of your study time to different subjects is useful in not getting confused!
Tip #5: Designate different days leading up to exam for studying different units/chapters.
If you have 5 days before your exam, and 4 chapters in your textbook that the exam covers, a study schedule like the one below would help you review all of your information before the exam!
Day 1: Review Chapter 1
Day 2: Review Chapter 2
Day 3: Review Chapter 3
Day 4: Review Chapter 4
Day 5: Review ALL chapters 

Tip #6: Create acronyms.
Acronyms are my favorite way to remember a lot of terms at once! Last year, I had to memorize the endothermic phase changes of matter, which were vaporization, melting and sublimation. No matter how many times I tried to memorize them, I always forgot one of them! >.< So I decided to make an acronym to help me remember them, which was: Violent (vaporization) Muskrats (melting) Scream (sublimation). On the test, there were at least ten questions about the endothermic phase changes of matter, and every time I forgot one of the phase changes, my acronym always made me remember! Acronyms really are SUPER helpful.

That's all for today's post, jammers! ^.^ I hope you found these tips helpful! And good luck on finals! I have about 2 more left before I'm all done with final exams, but I'm still looking forward to summer! :D 

By the way, when does your school end? Mine ends somewhere around June 20th (not sure of the exact date :P). 

Have a lovely day jammers! I'm sorry for not posting earlier--I was at my friend's bat mitzvah service earlier today for several hours, and I will be gone for most of the day tomorrow, as we're all going to New York City for her bat mitzvah party! :D

Ciao! ;)


*All pictures included in this post were found on Google Images. They all belong to their rightful owners, as none of them were taken by nor belong to me.*


  1. !!! Thanks, Panda! This is such a great help- especially that Google Scholar one! ^.^

    1. My school ends June 22nd or 23rd, I believe.

      Ooh, I'll be in NYC tomorrow too, haha. c:

    2. Yay, I'm so happy you find it helpful! :D I should really start using Google Scholar one. And OMG, I always misspell the word "scholar" to be "scolar," IDK why. :P

      Yeah, the more I think about it, I think mine ends on the 23rd too. :P And that's so cool! :D I'll be going to a Broadway show (School of Rock, I think? :P) and Dylan's Candy Bar. Maybe we'll see each other! LOL

    3. I never heard of Google Scholar before, to be honest. I hope it can actually help me with papers and homework *cough* chem homework *cough* since regular Google searching never helps.

      Haha, I see a Broadway play every year for my birthday. I haven't seen the ones you're seeing though. I'm seeing Curious Incident.. cool haha :D

  2. Great tips! I would try them but I think things are different when your homeschooled like myself. :) And lucky! I wish I could go to New York! ^^ Also, I am a new reader and I love this blog already after reading one post! Great job!

    1. Ty! :D

      That's so cool that you're homeschooled! :O I wish I were homeschooled--it seems pretty fun!

      I'm so happy that you like the blog so far! :D Having new viewers is always fun! I'll go check out YOUR blog now! ;D

    2. Np! ^.^

      XD Yeah, it is pretty fun. But sometimes I wish I wasn't... I would get to see meh friends everyday! :o ;)

      Yeah, it's a pretty epic blog! :D Hey, thanks for checking it out! ;)

  3. My friends ALL have Converse shoes, and I'm the only one that doesn't have them, LOL! I wanted a minty green pair, but my mom said I couldn't get them.. :( Maybe my friend will persuade my mom to get them for me while on FaceTime...

    1. Mine too! I'm the only one who doesn't have a pair of Converse sneakers. :p

  4. Wow! Those are some great tips! :D I never even thought of the gum one before! XD

    Oh, and I also really fancied the Google Scholar one. Now I know where to look for trustworthy information for essays 'n stuff! :3

    My school ends in 4 days, on May 26th. ^.^

  5. I would do the gum one but I am pretty sure my school district bans gum on campus. Sad face :(


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