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Monday, May 9, 2016

I'm really angry...

Hey jammers...

So, my friend Cosmic and I entered the #AJ50K challenge, where you tried to make an edit, video, art piece etc. in honor of AJHQ's Instagram account reaching 50K followers. There were a lot of amazing entries! ^.^

We didn't win, but that's not what I'm upset about. Many of the people who won runner-up prizes had amazing entries, and they definitely deserved it! :)

However, the winner's entry looked like this:

That blue panda graphic on the right? That belongs to me. (I can tell, because I made a mistake while making that graphic and I can see the very same characteristics in that image.) I made it, and my requirement for sharing it on this blog was that the user of the graphic would give me credit in some way. :I

And that fox/bunny graphic on the left? That's Rainbowcat1's graphic. I'm pretty sure she wanted credit for her graphics as well.

This really frustrates me, because I've posted numerous times that credit must be given for graphics that require credit. Of course, sometimes people may just be searching for graphics on Google Images and not bother to click through to the website it was on to see if the image requires credit or not, but let this be a lesson to you all:

Always check to see if an image (even if it's not Animal Jam related!) needs credit before you use it in any of your personal projects. You can get sued for copyright infringement in many more serious situations, and it's always good to be cautious.

I'm not really sure what I should do about this.... I'll probably just let it fly, though. The maker of the winning image above did a great job with effects and outlines and text orientations and such, and otherwise this edit makes my editing-loving heart very happy. :)

If you have any ideas about how I should solve similar problems, whether it be this exact scenario or future ones to come, make sure to comment down below! I really need your help!

Thank you! <3 And have a lovely day! :D



  1. >:l
    That really sucks.
    I mean, you're lucky we cant change bodies, or I would press charges against them. You worked so hard on them, and they took it and made it into their own work. You should try to get a Creative Commons Attributive licence so they can't steal it D:

    1. Thanks for being so supportive! ^.^ I think I might consider putting watermarks on some graphics or, like you said, perhaps looking into getting a license. :)

  2. I totally agree! It really pisses me off when I see some of the images from my blog being used in videos or art without credit. :I It's so annoying! I'm really sorry your graphics were stolen. It's not really a fair win because the winner basically just copied and pasted your graphics onto a background, added some filters and text, and boom. DX

    1. Yeah, when people use stuff without credit it can be REALLLY frustrating and annoying. :I

  3. I think it was Sina32 who made the winning submission. Do you wanna feature our submission on the AJGC?

    1. But it does suck that they stole your graphics.*

    2. Yeah, I think so as well. ^.^

      And I'd love to feature our submission! I'll post it later today!


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