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Monday, May 2, 2016

First Digital Bunny Art!

Hey jammers! Panda here!

So yesterday I was fooling around in Photoshop, trying out some of the nifty controls of my Wacom drawing tablet, and somehow I ended up with this creepy? or it it cute? idk lol digital drawing of a super squishy and fat bunny. :P

For my first digital art using a drawing tablet and Photoshop, I think it was reasonable. :P

I hope to get better at art in the future! :D Seeing all the lovely art on G+ really inspired me to get into the artistic vibes. :P

Anyways... have a lovely day, as always! 



  1. Yeah, that bunny's pretty cute. ^-^

  2. @Cosmic @Cutepups Thanks so much! :D I think I made it a little TOO squishy and chubby, but at least it's extra cuddly now. :P

  3. Aww, cute! I love it! <3 I can't draw with a mouse... my hands get all shaky. >.<

    1. And I don't have a tablet, so... XD

    2. Thanks! ^.^ And I feel you--I have the world's shakiest hands and when I try to draw with a mouse I end up with the worst drawings. :P

  4. Hi Panda! I don't know if you or anyone for that matter remembers me but I'm back so yeh. ^.^ That is such a cute bunny! I have a wacom tablet and I can't even draw with that lol. I forgot how much I missed animal jam and this awesome community it's good to be back! :)


    1. Yay, it's so nice to see you again! :D And thanks! XD Yeah, it takes a lot of practice to get even remotely good at drawing (a point I'm nowhere near LOL) but drawing digitally is super hard, so don't be discouraged! :D

      We missed you too! <3

  5. Wow! That's really cute. Gosh, I want to squish that bunny omg. XD I would totally fail at drawing if I had a drawing tablet (or anything in that matter XD). Psssst, you don't even need to get better. Your art style is already so cute. Goodness.

    1. Aww, thanks so much! ^.^ LOL I love drawing squishy things--they're so cute. :P

      I'm sure you'd be great at drawing digitally with a little practice!


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