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Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Here is your finished Deluxe Pack! :D

^ for your story/series! ^

^ for Instagram/blog edit contests! ^

I hope you like them! And good luck with your new blog! (If you haven't seen already, Ineffable started up an epic blog called The Animal Jam Chronicler! You should definitely go check it out and read some of the epic stories over there. :P)



    They look so professional and I will try to incorporate them into the blog as much as possible. Again, these are truly amazing! BTW feel free to assign me tasks on Asana, I feel like you are having yourself do so much work and I would love to help. If you feel like you have things under control (which you always do) that's awesome as well.
    Thank you SO SO SO much!

    1. Yay, so happy you like it! <3 I hope you can use them in your blog! ^.^

      And if you're up for some extra work, it would be SO helpful! Since I have a lot of final exams coming up, I don't have a lot of time for blogging or Animal Jam. So, if until the school year ends (for me, at the end of June XP) you could do some extra work for AJGC on Asana, it would be super-duper useful! Thanks! :D

    2. I am totally up for some extra work :) If you want me to write posts I would love to do that, but I understand it's a bit early for you to grant me such big privileges!
      Anyway, thank you, and I will try to go the extra mile to help AJGC :D

  2. Wow!! You're GOOD at edits, Panda! Do you think you could do a signature for me, with a picture of my wizard wolf, Flora Daisypride? I have one, but I use piZap, so my cropping isn't really the best. You may take as long as you like and do any background you want, if you have time to do this, that is! BTW, my username on AJ is swirlshine! Thanks! ;D

    1. Aww, thanks so much!!! <3

      And I'd love to do a signature for you! The only thing is that I can't take pictures to make graphics of when the animal is a wolf, arctic wolf or fox. If you could email me a picture of your animal (either in the Photo Booth or standing in your den or something) then that would be ideal! ^.^

      After I have the picture, I'll get started on your siggy! :D

    2. Alright! I don't have an e-mail, so I'll post the picture on my blog and you can take it from there!

  3. Replies
    1. Yes please :) Do you know the book icon with the bookmark in your ICON graphics section? If so could you make that the favicon?
      Thank you so much!!


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