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Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Great Graphic-Making Race: Round 2

Hey jammers!

So, we're into round two of the new Graphic-Making Race series here on AJGC! If you don't know what this series is, here is the introductory post:

Now that you know what the competition/challenge is, here is the second round of graphics made by the participants of this challenge! :D 

But before we jump right into the graphics, here is a brief overview of the details and requirements for this round of the challenge:

Lands Assigned to Each Member/Participant:
(each member had to make as many graphics as they could from that land, including any and all graphics from that land's shops, landmarks, and buildings--but limiting the graphics made from the land's shop's items to only 3 graphics)

awesomepanda868: Bahari Bay (I totally didn't make the graphics a few minutes before compiling this post.... XP) Ineffable: Kani Cove CosmicKitty AJ: Crystal Sands

Okie, now let's get into the actual graphics! :D


awesomepanda868: Bahari Bay

by awesomepanda868 (no credit required)

 by awesomepanda868 (no credit required)
by awesomepanda868 (no credit required)

by awesomepanda868 (no credit required)

by awesomepanda868 (no credit required)

by awesomepanda868 (no credit required)

by awesomepanda868 (no credit required)

by awesomepanda868 (no credit required)

by awesomepanda868 (no credit required)

by awesomepanda868 (no credit required)

by awesomepanda868 (no credit required)

by awesomepanda868 (no credit required)

by awesomepanda868 (no credit required)

by awesomepanda868 (no credit required)


Ineffable: Kani Cove



CosmicKitty AJ: Crystal Sands

Can you guess where all of the graphics are found based on Cosmic's clues?

parrot graphic.PNG
The parrot loves to swing by this attraction that includes a mini-game and a pathway down to another land, one by Crystal Sands. You can also watch tons of videos and learn facts about jellyfish in that location. He also flies by a members-only place that isn’t the Pet Stop, but it’s the _ _ _ _ _ _ _!

pet wash graphic.PNG
This fun members-only attraction is the star of this graphic, with the centipede starring on the roof. Pets get all sparkly, it’s cousin is the Pet Stop, what location am I? The parrot flies by me, the basilisk lizard crawls by me, the centipede crawls on me. So many ideas, one must be right, what actually am I?

juice bar graphic.PNG
I refresh you in the heated sun’s rays, with many fruits you can always get your favorite. Raspberries, Oranges, Pineapples, Strawberries, Starfruit, and Blueberries are the fruits on display, but the many other fruits include Grape and Banana. Each drink you get has this juicy feel and you get an umbrella in each transparent glass.


So, according to the tallies above, Ineffable was AGAIN the winner, with 32 graphics! Wowza! :O You can pick ANY custom edit/commission from the Commissions page or receive an RIM on AJ! (Comment down below your choice! :D) 
Well, AJGC certainly has a LOT more graphics to add to the graphics library now! ^.^ Thanks to all of the participants, of course!

I hope you enjoyed that post! Have a lovely day, everyone!



  1. Hey -- I think you mixed up the lands.

  2. Now THAT'S a lot of graphics! Awesome work everyone!

  3. Replies
    1. No problem! :D Which prize would you like?

  4. I'm gonna try to guess all of the graphic locations that Cosmic mentioned! :D Here goes:
    1. Pet Wash?
    2. Pet Wash again? XD (IDK :P)
    3. Captain Melville's Juice Hut
    Yay! XD I probably got the first 2 wrong... oh well!

    1. Yup, number one is the Pet Wash!

      Number two certainly is the Pet Wash, again!

      Number three IS in Captain Melville's Juice Hut!

      Being specific doesn't count, so you got all of them right! If you want, you can treat yourself to a free commission from CosmicEdits.

    2. Yay! :D I'll head over to CosmicEdits as soon as I finish my homework (<-- eww... >.<)!

  5. I don't know if the starter pack counts as a commission, but if it does, I will send the form to you :)

    1. It counts! :D Just email or comment the form for me to make your starter pack! Also, since the starter pack is technically a free commission, and I said that you could pick ANY commission on the page, you could upgrade to a deluxe pack instead (which normally costs a rare or beta) since whichever commission you pick will be free of charge. :)

    2. Well a deluxe pack certainly would be nice :O
      I will try to get the form to you ASAP!

  6. Are we assigned our new lands today?


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