Blogger Tricks Animal Jam Graphic Central!: Cosmic's & Panda's AJHQ Submission!

Monday, May 9, 2016

Cosmic's & Panda's AJHQ Submission!

Hey jammers! Panda here!

So, I posted a pretty frustrated/angry/slightly bitter post a few hours ago, and (since I've sort of "cooled down" a bit :P) I'd like to thank all of you for your support! I'd like to take Cookycupcake's advice and maybe look into getting some sort of licence for the blog, to ensure that I can take any necessary actions when and if this ever happens again. :)

Also, I just have one quick question on the unhappy note of the last post:

Should I contact AJHQ about the little mishap?   

I doubt it was Sina32's fault (I'm pretty sure Sina32 was the maker of the edit), and I'm sure that if Sina had known the graphic required credit, they wouldn't have used the graphics anyways, so I think it's kind of an uncool move on my part. I mean, the rest of the edit was pretty epic, and I think Sina put some work into the edit, so to even possibly mess with that feeling of accomplishment sounds, at least to me, like a really mean thing to do. :T However, I feel kind of annoyed just standing by and letting this happen. How should I resolve the situation?

On a happier note...

I mentioned last post that my friend Cosmic and I created a "collab edit" of sorts for the #AJ50K contest, and she suggested that I share it with you lovely people!

Welp, here it is!

I would have liked to add more effects and such, but I was kind of sick that day and fell asleep immediately after adding the text. :P It turned out pretty good, though and I like how we incorporated opinions from some of the jammers we interviewed on the edit, to show AJHQ how much the players who play their epic game love it!

Anyways, congrats to Sina32 and all of the runner-up's! You all definitely deserved it!


^^ A hand-drawn siggy from awhile ago. :P Gosh, my handwriting looks so derpy. ^^


  1. I think that my fox would look better WITH her parasol, but the parasol didn't show up on the photo booth, :( But contests are for fun, right?

    1. Aww... your fox still looked awesome! :D

      And yes--contests ARE super fun! I'm happy that AJHQ decided that this one would allow people to enter edits/graphics/images/art as their entries!

  2. My advice is this: If you want to tell AJHQ about the graphic being yours, try your best to make sure it doesn't sound like you're so mad that you didn't win, though of course I know you would never be that rude! Tell them about how you see the mistake that you made, so you know it's yours, but keep the letter neutral! But just so you know, your entry is amazing!! :) Hope this didn't sound like I was criticizing anyone!

  3. I think you should approach Sina on the comment section of one of her Youtube videos or something like that.
    There's a chance that this can all just easily be resolved by a quick, friendly chat c:
    If not... Well, we'll cross that path when we get to it.

  4. @Swirlshine & @Starlight Spirit: Thank you for your advice! ^.^


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