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Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Hey jammers! ^.^

So, I was thinking of ideas for videos to film for my YouTube channel (I'm just getting it started, and I want to get a few videos up before I begin promoting it a bit more ;D) and I remembered that Cosmic Cheetah asked to see a tutorial for a "Grab My Button!" and how I make them! ^.^

It's really quite easy!

I did need a blog to make a button for during the video, and I chose KG's Spirit Jamaa Club!

I had the pleasure of meeting KG on AJ a few weeks ago, and she is such a sweet and genuine jammer! Her blog deserves WAYYYY more views!

So, here is my little, spur-of-the-moment present to you, KG! :D

Spirit Jamaa Club!

If you'd actually like to use the button, just let me know, and I'll email you the code! :D




  1. Wow, that's amazing! I'm going to watch the video right... NOW! (And like it, for all of your efforts. Those dislike-rs don't really care about how hard people work on videos, in my opinion.)

    1. Unfortunately the video was up for about 5 minutes, but then I realized there was a mistake so I had to take it down. >.< It'll be back up, improved and fixed later this week (maybe even tomorrow!) though! Sorry! D:

      And yes--people who dislike videos made by people who put a lot of effort into their content are being super rude and disrespectful!

    2. I would like to disagree. Sometimes, there are people who do not like the content or think that is is weird. They are not being rude or disrespectful. They are expressing their opinion. However, if they start shaming you and being rude in the comments, well that's different. I just believe this is why they do it and it is respectful. Sorry, if I offend you. I just wish to state my opinion.

    3. @Cerisewolf
      Yes, I basically agree with you disagreeing with me (<-- lol, that made no sense :P). I was typing my above comment on a phone, and the super tiny and hard-to-use keyboards on there make me want to cut my comment short and not elaborate too much. But as you said, there is more to disliking a video than I mentioned.

      Allow me to digress. (<-- why am I so weird XP)

      Sometimes, as you said, people might think that content is weird, or might find it offensive. And they are expressing their own opinion. However, I do wish that people would differentiate videos with a lot of hard work put into them that they might disagree with, and other videos. If someone worked really hard on something, I think it is only right to be respectful of their hard work and perhaps start a friendly conversation about what you disagree with rather than hit the "Dislike" button (which has a rather harsh name... XP).

      Also, hate comments are really awful. >.<

      Sorry, that was kind of confusing. Ah, well. :P

      Bottomline: Using the "Dislike" button is someone's right and their freedom to have their own opinion (and everyone should respect that), but it is also important to respect the fact that people put a lot of work into videos and content on platforms like YouTube, and using something as one-sided and one-size-fits-all as a "Dislike" button to sum up your feelings about their hard work and effort can be insulting and discouraging to the owner and creator of the content.

      Thank you for being honest and sharing your opinions! ^.^



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