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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Calling all editors!

Hey jammers! ^.^ Panda here!

Have you ever wanted to learn how to become an editor and make edits like signatures, headers and channel covers?

If you have, then you should keep on reading. ;)

I've just launched the AJGC Commissioner Academy, which is packed with tutorials and quizzes that will eventually lead up to a final exam, your performance on all of which will determine whether or not you become a commissioner for Animal Jam Graphic Central! This would mean that you would get tons of experience in commissioning and editing by accepting and posting commissions requested by viewers of this blog!

Also, if you'd like to become an author for this blog, you might be interested in knowing that commissioners get extra credentials when we look for new authors, meaning that you are more likely to get accepted as an AJGC author if you're also an AJGC commissioner!

Interested in checking it out? Click below!

I look forward to seeing you there! The academy isn't quite finished yet--there are more subjects, tutorials, quizzes and features to add, but I wanted to get the blog started so that you guys could begin your training if you're interested! :D




  1. I think if I joined I would just embarrass myself DX

    1. Aww, that's not true! :O I've seen your edits--they're fantabulous!

  2. SWEET! Definitely joining! :D Also, I was practicing drawing on Pixlr, and the first thing that came to my mind was your pink seal, XD, so if you wanna see it, I can email it to you!

    1. Yay! :D

      Also, I'd love to see it! :D I bet it's amazing!

  3. Wow!!! Awesome idea, I hope I get into it!
    Please note, I can't use the tikiisland font D:

  4. How can I download tikiisland font on a chromebook?
    ~A puzzled cooky

    1. by 'chromebook' I mean how can I get it on google docs,slides, etc...

    2. Unfortunately you can't get Tiki Island on Google Drive applications (Google Slides, Google Docs etc.) because Google only uses their own fonts (from a collection of fonts called Google Fonts) in their apps. If you have a Microsoft computer or an Apple computer, though, you can download fonts from sites like or Font Squirrel with your parents' permission.

  5. Hey! I am REALLY furious at an Anonymous commentator because they said THIS on your drawing, which I TRULY think is lovely:

    "wHATS that demon on the signature!!!!!!!!! I am genuinely scared"

    Also, they broke one of my commenting rules >-<

    1. Aww... that IS kind of rude. :T Thank you for sticking up for me, though! <3 I do know that my drawings aren't super great yet, but constructive criticism over flat out criticism is always better...


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