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Monday, April 6, 2015

RIM + New Space Items + Random Sidetracking + Monday Animal Facts!

Hey jammers! I hope you had a great Easter yesterday (if you celebrate it)! I might post a chapter of Fate later, just 'cuz I feel like it. :P

The RIM today is the rare old scuba helmet in Bahari Bargains:

Pretty neat item, but still kinda pricy. :T

Oh, and there's these new space-themed items in Jam Mart Furniture too, but that chair came out yesterday, just forgot to post about it.

Those two items are neat, though. ^.^ I especially like the chair, just wish it were for all jammers. ^.^

Before we get to the Monday Animal Facts, I just wanted to share some information that is a TOTAL SIDETRACK from what this post is about. :P But I just felt like posting all this random junk, so here you go! XD 

I am kind of obsessed with those pretty crystals in the Enchanted Hollow den that you see when you're passing between the second underground level to the third and final underground level. SO PRETTY!! O,O

The annoying thing about that gazebo you can earn in the new Easter adventure, is that YOU CAN'T SIT IN THE DARN THING! XD But seriously: why?!?!! :(

You know those white flowers in the adventures? The ones that look like this?

We've never really been able to get something resembling these flowers closely as a den item before, but I realized that in the new petunia bed that you can earn as a member prize from the new Easter adventure, there are a bunch of flowers extremely similar to those!

Okay, enough of my random ramblings, and onto the factual part of the post. :P

For the Monday Animal Facts, I'm featuring the... fox!
  • A fox’s den is normally a burrow underground, also known as an "earth".
  • A fox cub's eyes and ears open after two weeks and at four weeks it will emerge from it's den.
  • Foxes have whiskers on their legs as well as around their faces, which they use to help them find their way.
  • The fox does not chew its food. Instead it uses its carnassial or shearing teeth to cut the meat into manageable chunks.
And here are some irresistibly cute fox pictures!

Okay jammers, ciao for now! ^.^ Have an amazing day, and don't forget to SMILE, LAUGH and HAVE FUN! :)


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