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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Football Jersey + Tuesday Tips + Anonymous Commenting Address!

Hi jammers! I have an important anonymous commenting rule that I have to address, so even if you want to just skip most of this post, just please read the end of the post.

The new item is the football jersey in Jam Mart Clothing!

Pretty neat item, and perfect for the upcoming spring season--now you can wear this brightly colored jersey when you're out playing a sports game with your buds!

For today's Tuesday Tips, I'll be sharing with you how to add page tabs. It's a common question asked by Blogger beginners, so I thought I'd just answer it in this post for all future visitors. ^.^

The tutorial is currently at the bottom of the Blogging Tips & Tricks page, but here is the copied tutorial:

Many jammers have been asking how to add the list of pages below your blog's header. Here is an example:

Adding pages can be a bit tricky to figure out, but it is actually ridiculously easy! 

Go to your blog's Layout. Then, click the Add a Gadget button below your header, like so:

Just like all the other gadgets, this will bring you to a pop up menu with a list of gadgets in it. Scroll down until you see the Pages gadget:

Click on that, and then it should bring you to another pop up menu that looks something like this:

Check the boxes of the pages that you want in your top navigation. When you check them, they will appear on the right column. You can drag and drop the pages to change the order of which they will appear under your header.

After you are satisfied with your pages, click the orange Save button and view your blog to make sure it worked!

Hope that was helpful!

Also, I'd like to enforce a new rule in the blog commenting system. Here it is: all jammers who are commenting anonymously must sign their Animal Jam username at the end of the comment. You may not fake your username. If I find that you have signed your fake username at the end of your anonymous comments, your comments will be deleted and you will be banned from commenting. Likewise, if you do not sign your real username at the end of your anonymous comment, your comments will be deleted

Please respect this rule. ^.^

Ciao jammers--got to go to an annoying dentist appointment. >.<



  1. Here's the thing,I don't have a add a gadget above my header o3o & idk why

    1. Hmm... maybe add me as an admin of your blog and I'll take a look at it. ^.^

    2. How exactly do I add you as a admin XD.Always remember i'm a noob X3

    3. XD No problem! I'm in a bit of a rush at the moment (got to go eat dinner). Would you mind asking it in tomorrow's Dear Panda segment? Thanks!

  2. How do you ban people from viewing/commenting?

    1. Wait, I know how to ban people from commenting, but viewing I need advice. O.o

    2. I'm not sure how to ban people from viewing... :T I'll try to figure that out though. ^.^

    3. @Naffy Taffy
      How do you ban people from commenting?

    4. I think you mark their comment as spam

    5. Oh, oh! I want to know how to ban people too! (Well uh.... if there's another way than just disabling the entire Anonymous commenting option.. Like just specific people. Such as the abusive and inappropriate haters.)
      I don't think that can happen though. :(

      The only way I know of to make your blog ban oeople from viewing is to make it private but that sounds like such a pain.

    6. *people

      I mean I want to know how to ban specific (Anons who hate/are inappropriate) without having to see any comment they have to make. Not even having to delete their vulgar comments (even in spam). In other words, wipe them off the face of our blogs! (those Anons) >:D
      I think that's what you mean too.
      Whew, I'm tired. XD

  3. Ha, I always did that! -d66864 on AJ.


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