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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Pearl Necklace + Art Featured!!! + Tuesday Tips (kind of)!

Hi jammers! Sorry for the late post--I was out eating ice cream in town with my grandmother. :) I just had an absolutely lovely conversation about Chex Mix with my amazing buddy. :P I mean, how random can you get? But still, Chex Mix is one of the best things ever. ^.^ My favorite is the cheesy kind. On a not-so-good note, there is a really annoying buzzing fly that is zipping around my room but it's too fast for me to swat it with the flyswatter. :O I am so terrified of bugs, spiders, snakes and other insects... >.<

Oh, and let's all give Dew a hearty round of applause for her amazing post about narwhals yesterday!

The new item is the pearl necklace in Baharia Bargains!

I really like this item (I love pearls, so that's pretty obvious) but I wish it were less expensive--I mean, 700 gems for one necklace?

 I'll try to post a new episode of Fate sometime soon... but I have a lot of homework tonight, so probably not today. >.<

Oh! My artwork (a thank-you card I sent to NASA) was featured today! 

What's weird though is that my eagle's name isn't Bouncing Theeagle. In fact, I don't believe I have an animal named Bouncing Theeagle. O,o

Seeing as I have to skedaddle soon, I'll make this Tuesday Tips a very quick set of tips for getting more blog traffic:
  • Use appealing, colorful, unique and professional images
  • Be creative and create a new idea (don't copy anyone else or be exactly like other blogs)
  • Post often (at least 2 to 3 times a week for a regular site, and try to post every day on an updates blog)
  • Advertise in a non-icky way in comments on other blogs
  • Wait: getting lots of viewers takes time
Hope that was (semi) helpful. ^.^

Have an amazing day, everyone! Hope you don't have as much homework as I do. >.< I wouldn't wish it on anyone. DX



*I really need to get a new signature*

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