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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Fate - Chapter 6



After a few moments, Mythical gained back her hearing, though she still couldn't see where she was. But she distinctly felt something fluffy and soft underneath her. A bed, perhaps? Wait--where was she? 

"Hello, Mythical," a low, smooth voice flowed into Myth's ears and caused a warm, safe feeling to spread throughout her body like a sip of hot cocoa warming on a freezing day or a blanket being placed over her. Though Mythical was sure she had never heard the voice before, she recognized it instantly from Count's retelling of his dream: it was Mira!

"Mira?!" Myth was both confused and shocked. Why was Mira speaking to her? But never mind about that--she was speaking to the great goddess of Jamaa! 

"I see that you have met Count," Mira said. "He is a good, brave fox, but I fear he will get into far too much trouble on his own."

Mythical wondered what Mira was implying. Did Mira want her to help Count destroy Jamaa? As she pondered this, she tried to open her eyes, though without succeeding. Why couldn't she open her eyes? Had she gone blind?

"Don't worry," Mira told her, and Mythical felt a feathery wing brush her face. The wing smelled strange--as though all the scents in all of Jamaa were caught on it. Myth could detect the unmistakable scent of the dirty Gofnak camps, along with the sugary and sweet smell of butterscotch candies. "You're not going crazy, nor are you blind. This is all happening inside of your head, though all of it is entirely real."

"Where are we?" Mythical asked, feeling the soft material that she lay on, trying to figure out what it might be.

"We are on The Cloud of Ziodin," Mira said, and Myth felt a wet tear splash against her own face. Was Mira crying? But why? After repeating the name of the cloud several times in her head, she realized why. Of course! 

"My husband, Zios died directly below this cloud. His spirit, because of it's beauty, became a cloud: an object of ultimate purity and calmness. I spend all the time that I don't spend in our old garden perched upon this cloud. " Mira's wing moved away from Mythical's face, and she felt her move away. "But we're getting off topic, and we have so little time to begin with."

"What do you mean?" Myth was puzzled, and she was desperate for answers.

"Listen to me, Mythical. Listen very carefully. You and Count must destroy Jamaa."

"But why? And how?!" Mythical asked, exasperated. "Wouldn't that kill countless innocent animals?"

But just then, she felt herself begin to fade. Mira was saying something, but the world was disappearing so quickly that Myth couldn't decipher the words she was speaking.



"Myth, are you okay?!?!?"

Groggily, Mythical opened one eye. Sparkle and Count were leaning over her. Her half-conscious senses weren't any help in her confusion. What had just happened? 

"She's alive..." Count breathed a sigh of relief. 

"Yeah, but she could have been killed thanks to you and your brainless yammering about how Mira supposedly spoke to you in a useless dream you had!" Sparkle exploded.

Count hung his head and looked miserable. Whatever authority and strength he had shown when they first met had now gone--wiped away, like a windshield wiper swipes away rain droplets.

Sparkle was about to yell at Count again, when Mythical sat up, despite the protests of her throbbing head. "He's not crazy," she said, rubbing her temples. "I spoke to Mira too."

"What!?" Sparkle asked, shocked.

Count looked both eager to receive more information from Mira, and relieved that Sparkle would stop tormenting him. At least for now. "What did she tell you?" he asked.

Myth slumped against the cavern wall. Her head hurt, and the spot where Mira's tear had splashed against her cheek burned, as though instead of a delicate, sorrowful tear, a huge match had been thrust into her face. And though she didn't feel like talking, she knew that this whole business with Mira was extremely important to Count. And to be honest, she was starting to become interested in it as well. Anything to escape that awful Gofnak camp.

"She didn't really tell me anything new," Mythical said, avoiding both of their stares. "When I held that petal, I was transported to a cloud. It was called The Cloud of Ziodin, or something like that. Apparently the cloud was actually the spirit of Zios and it was directly above where he died in the Lost Temple of Zios." As she spoke, she realized how ridiculous she must sound. But she knew that Count, at least, would believe her. "Mira also told me that I had to help you with your quest," she looked at Count. "And she told me that we had to destroy Jamaa."

"That's the thing." Count rubbed his paws together, trying to think. "I have no idea what she means by that, nor why she wants us to destroy Jamaa. Even if I understood all that, I still don't where to begin."

That's what Myth had been wondering about ever since she heard about what Mira had said to Count in his dream. Why did Mira want them to destroy Jamaa? And where did they begin?


I hope you enjoyed that! ^.^  Sorry that there weren't any pictures... check the Fate mini-blog a bit later this week and there will probably be some pictures in this chapter. >.<


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