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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Four Square Court + eBook + Tuesday Tips + New Polls!

Hi jammers! Panda here! Unfortunately, I have one of those big, annoying State Tests tomorrow, and my science teacher was a complete meanie-head and gave us tons of homework today. Also, since I was sick on Friday, I missed a big Social Studies packet, and a French test. So today I have to: complete 6 pages of science homework, read 5 pages for science, take notes on the 5 pages of science work, take notes on a different 4 pages of the textbook for science, study for a science test tomorrow, complete a 7 page Social Studies packet, study for a huge French test tomorrow (72 vocab words), as well as a quiz for French. And it's all due tomorrow. >.< So this post will be moderately short, seeing as I have to get to all that. D:

The new item is the four square court in Jam Mart Furniture!

Pretty cool item. ^.^ Just my usual complaint about it not being for all jammers. >.<

Also, I am in the process of creating an eBook. That means, a book that you can read on your Kindle, Nook, iPad or other electronic device. It is an in-depth guide to creating and maintaining a successful blog. I'm so excited to release it! ^.^ I may or may not publish it to the actual iBooks store... But I'll share a download link with you guys as soon as I finish it. :)

Moving on... here is today's Tuesday Tips! I'll be sharing a guide on how to complete a glitch. :P I would post another glitch, but I don't have enough time. >.<

You've probably preformed, experienced, witnessed or heard about this glitch. It is where you slide down the slide in Mt. Shiveer, do some "magic", and voila! Your animal is facing directly at you and sitting forward! It's a pretty easy glitch, but it can be hard to do since everything has to be perfect. if you try it, don't be upset if you mess up. 

1. Go to Mt. Shiveer and go to the very top of the slide.

2. Slide down the slide but change animals as quickly as you can as soon as you are sliding.

3. Check to see if your animal is facing you! Here is what happened when I tried it out with my snow leopard:

Fuzzy is creeping me out... XD Ultimate staring contest! :P Or, you might be sitting in a weird position:

Random Sidenote: Crystal Sands and Crystal Reef are the only two lands without stores.

There is a new poll both on this blog and on the Fate mini-blog, so make sure to check those out and vote, vote, vote!

Have an awesome day, everyone! I hope you aren't drowning in homework like I am. DX



  1. Replies
    1. Yep! There's tons of free software you can use (I use a Mac program called iBooks Author) or you can just type your book up on Pages (Mac) or Word (Microsoft) and save it as a PDF file. ^.^

  2. TECHNICALLY Crystal Reef has the Flippers and Dins which isn't listed as a shop but is.

  3. The glitch works on basically every slide in AJ c:

    1. Yep. XD I can only ever make it work on the Mt. Shiveer slide though. :O

  4. Arctic and Dew are right. I love that glitch! -d66864 on AJ


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