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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Lion Mania!

Hey Jammers! 

Suzi00 here! I have been saving up my diamonds and today I was finally able to buy a lion! I decided on her colors, but I can't decide on the pattern and clothing I want her to wear! Perhaps you guys could help... Which do you like better?
Without clothes?

With clothes? 

Without her elf helm?

And for patterns, which one do you like better?

This moon pattern?

Or this arrow-y, maze-pattern?

I also have some lion facts for you:

  • Lions are endangered in the wild
  • Lions were endangered in Animal Jam for eight months, five days
  • Male Lions are territorial and will use roars and scent markings to establish their territory. They chase off intruders and patrol their territory.
  • Female Lions (Lionesses) do all of the hunting and rear the cubs.
  • Lions live in a pride, usually of about fifteen lions. There is two or three males and multiple females who each have cubs.
And now what you've all been waiting for, a lion graphic!

His name is Fuzzy and his interests include spectacular vistas (because of the background in his picture at the Daily Explorer) protecting endangered species (his picture was at the 'Lions are endangered' post on the Daily Explorer) and the savannah. You may use him without credit but you must give him a loving home. He likes to be scratched under the chin ^-^

So, if you can, turn into a lion right now! Tigers work too, especially for lionesses or cubs! If you have a big imagination, you can even use a bear (oh my). Sorry, I had to say that :3

That wraps up my post! See you later, jammers!

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  1. With clothes BUT no elf helmet with the maze pattern

  2. No elf helmet and either pattern. I always liked maze. -d66864 on AJ


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