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Monday, April 6, 2015

Fate - Chapter 5


"How do you know you weren't just making it all up in your head?" Mythical asked, when Count was done retelling his dream.

"You know how in a dream, you don't always do things the way you'd do them in real life? How you don't know that it's a dream, and it all seems real? And how completely weird things happen that you can't quite explain? Well I didn't feel any of those things--I felt simply like I was waking up like I would on any day, except not in a place I had expected to be," Count replied.

Mythical still didn't believe him, and from her face, she could tell that Sparkle didn't either.

"So you're saying that just because Mira spoke to you in a dream that you had, you're going to try to destroy Jamaa?" Sparkle asked dubiously. 

Count's set jaw and stern face vanished and his cheeks turned pink. "Yes," he replied, realizing that it did sound pretty ridiculous.

"And besides," Sparkle continued. "Mira is dead. She couldn't have spoken to you--dream or otherwise."

Count's cheeks turned an even more violent shade of red. "I can prove it, though," he said softly.

"You can?" Mythical asked, incredulous.

"Yes, I can," Count said, pulling a small flower petal from his pocket. I grabbed this just as the vision of the garden was blurring before my eyes and as I was beginning to wake up." He held the petal closer to the bright flames of the fire so Mythical and Sparkle could see it. 

"Is that from one of the petunia beds you told us about from your dream?" Mythical wondered, her eyes bright with disbelief. She had never seen a flower, nor any form of nature besides the animals of Jamaa and the leaf-bare trees scattered around the snow-covered land.

"Indeed, it is," Count answered, rubbing the velvety surface of the purple flower petal in his paw. He closed his eyes. "Sometimes when I touch the petal I am certain I can hear Mira's voice speaking to me. Murmuring something I can't quite understand."

Mythical gaped in awe at the petal that Count held in his paw, but Sparkle still looked doubtful.

"How do we know that this guy isn't a total madman?" Sparkle asked, eyeing Count suspiciously. "Look at him--he thinks he hears the dead spirit of Mira whenever he touches that petal! How crazy is that?!"

Count opened his eyes and glared at Sparkle. Then his gaze softened slightly. "I'm not asking you to believe me--I only ask that you trust me."

Mythical reached out tentatively. "C-could I touch it?" she asked nervously, gesturing at the flower petal. 

Count hesitated for a moment, then handed the petal over to Mythical. 

Sparkle glanced at the two of them and scoffed. "Don't believe the rubbish he's talking about, Myth."

Mythical ignored her, and rubbed the petal between her paws. Nothing. Whatever "voice of Mira" Count claimed he heard when he touched the petal, she certainly wasn't hearing it.

She was just about to hand the petal back to Count, when she felt a jolt run up her arm. Then the jolt turned into a wave of some sort of feeling that she couldn't quite name. She didn't know if she loved or hated the sensation, if she was feeling joy or pain... but she didn't have time to think about it before her entire world went black.


Hope you enjoyed that! ^.^



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