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Monday, April 13, 2015

RIM + Graphic + Jammers Like Restricted Chat? + Monday Animal Facts!

Hi jammers! I hope you all survived through last night, what with the rumored hacking and what not.

The RIM today is the rare round glasses in Jam Mart Clothing!

I like the colors of this item, but I wish that AJHQ put some sort of pattern on the glasses instead of just recoloring the regular round glasses. 

Here's a graphic I made of a lion wearing the new RIM! (image was posted on the DE and I made a graphic out of it.)

by awesomepanda868

Ugh, I have to make this post short, because my science teacher assigned us this huge packet of work to do--and it's all due tomorrow! The problem is, there's this huge test tomorrow called the New York State Test. Most of the teachers took it easy on us, in terms of homework, but my science teacher sure didn't. >.< The test will go on for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week, and Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of next week. This week is English, and next week is math. DX

I was browsing an interview with Joi Podgorny, Director of Community Engangement at Animal Jam, and when the interviewer asked about chat settings, she replied with this:

Apparently 80% of jammers are happy with Restricted Chat. Where on earth did this statistic come from? Are they getting this stat from the fact that 80% of jammers use Restricted Chat? Or did they actually conduct a survey?

Anyways... the spotlight of today's Monday Animal Facts is... the heron! Since Mira (one of the most important and special figures in Jamaa) is a blue heron, I thought it would be fun to share some interesting facts about how real herons act in the wild. ^.^
  • The blue heron is the largest and most common type of heron in North America.
  • There are 64 species of herons that differ in size, color and type of habitat.
  • Herons can be found on every continent except for Antarctica. 
  • Herons prefer wetlands, swamps, coastlines and areas near rivers, ponds and lakes.
  • The size of a given heron depends on the species. Herons can reach between 34 and 55 inches in length.
  • Herons have a huge wingspan, usually twice their body size.
And here are some fascinating heron photos!

What do you think--did the artists at AJHQ draw Mira well, based on what real herons look like? ^.^

Got to go work on my homework, but I'll post the Fashion Show eliminations (you'll also get to see who won in the non-member category!) later today. ^.^ Keep voting!




    1. Yep. XD Most people knew anyway.

    2. How did you know that Arcticpenguin? -d66864 on AJ

    3. Read the post. She said she has to take a New York State Test.

      The first heron picture reminds me of Mira. ^.^

  2. I hate that RIM. I'm like, who's gonna wear dat? it looks bad............. I never liked the glasses set anyway ( round and square, I barely use my nerd glasses but keep them anyway.) Meow. -d66864 on AJ


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