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Monday, August 15, 2016

Upcoming Animal Jam Events!

Hey guys, sorry for not posting lately, the authors have been caught up in a special project...which will be public very soon...hehe
So, if you aren't on Instagram, kingking.aj on Instagram hosted the first "official" Animal Jam dance. It's definitely not the first, because all the time you'll see people hosting proms and parties on AJ but I'd say this is one of the first to be majorly publicized. It happened last Friday, and the theme was 'gold'. In order to participate you had to dress according to the theme, repost the original post and bring a date.
If you missed that, here are some other dances/parties you can attend!

Kingo is hosting another party, and these other two parties are inspired by his!
The thing is, all of these are on the same day...(December's party date is slightly cropped, it looks like August 1st but it's the 19th as well.
And be sure to stay tuned for more details on this exciting magazine project we're working on...IT'S ALMOST DONE!

                                Signing off,


  1. I can't wait to release GG! :D

  2. Hey, i am planning to use all of the AJGC icons in thumbnails when i start youtube, but instead of putting credit for EVERY icon used in EVERY thumbnail on EVERY video, can i have a credit to all artists from the AJGC to put in the channel description?

    1. Sure, just as long as you make sure to mention all of the graphic artists.

    2. 1: I have asked this before, but a different meaning to this question. I do not know if what i plan to give as credit is enough, so can you, if its okay, reply with a good enough credit i can use

    3. Sure! Here's an example of a good credit for a channel description!

      Many graphics used in my thumbnails are from Animal Jam Graphic Central (link to AJGC here). The graphics were created by AJGC's graphic-artists including: (names of all graphic artists here; ex: awesomepanda868, numnum13, arcticpenguinii etc.)

  3. I looked allover the AJGC and couldnt find a list of artists, this is the main part i was hoping for ^_~ Any ideas? P.S. Sorry for so many responces

    1. Sorry 'bout that! >.< But for now, I'd suggest using all of the usernames who created the graphics you'll be using. For example, if you'll be using graphics created by Person 1, Person 2 and Person 3, then list their usernames in your YT credit. You don't have to list every graphic artist from the AJGC if you're not using their graphics. :) But if you want to be safe, here's a list of all the graphic artists that I can remember off the top of my head:
      ~ awesomepanda868 (me, lol)
      ~ numnum13
      ~ Rainbowcat1
      ~ arcticpenguinii
      ~ vms915
      ~ Cosmic Cheetah
      ~ Purplestarclub
      ~ Ineffable
      ~ Doomy Panda
      I can't remember any others at the moment, sorry! >.< But as I said, you only really have to credit the people who's graphics you actually used.

      BTW, could you show me the link to your YouTube channel? I'd love to check it out when it's finished! :D

    2. Thanks alot!
      I am making my youtube channel when i am 13 ( april 2017 ) so i am just getting all of the credit and stuff sorted out before to avoid issues, thanks again, and im actually gone this time! :D


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