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Friday, August 26, 2016

Animal Jam Ideas!

Hey jammers, Ineffable here! Today I'll share some Animal Jam ideas with you guys! Make sure to leave your ideas in the comments below!

Before I actually start this post, I'd like to give some credit to Julian2 for this idea. He has a lot of really creative AJ improvement ideas in one of his recent videos which you can watch right here. Make sure to subscribe to his channel, his videos are so original and he puts a lot of effort into them.

Let's begin with the post!

1. This first idea has been mentioned many times, including once in Julian's video that I linked. A trading auction house would be such a great feature! The person who had the item people wanted to trade for would get the best offer possible, leaving the owner satisfied. And I feel like trading would just be a lot more fun! As if trading isn't already a huge part of the game, players would be a lot more, how do I say this, involved in trading. Although I do see this being the result of some drama/arguments.

2. Although the chances that AJHQ would ever add this in to the game would be extremely unlikely, I think it would be cool if there was a way to travel back to the literal beta days. You wouldn't be able to buy any items, but just explore Jamaa's old land. I really love the old Crystal Sands, to be honest, I prefer it. But AJHQ probably doesn't have all the old files and might not have all the employees that worked for them in the beta testing period.

3. Player profiles would definitely have to be an optional feature in the game. Yes, there is a player card, but players could let others know a bit more about them. You could add your gender (definitely optional) but no real name. Maybe a short bio (which would be verified by AJHQ) and maybe some simple features like your favorite animal, main look, etc.

4. Weather settings would make the game a lot more interesting, and in my opinion, exciting. There would be an icon, maybe like a raindrop or snowflake, and you could control how bright it was outside, the weather, etc. This would be great for making videos and roleplaying and just a fun thing to goof around with.

5. Texture packs would take a loooonggggg time to actually work and make. I don't really play Minecraft anymore, but when I did, I remember texture packs were so awesome! Players could make their own texture packs, submit them to AJHQ and get them verified, and then maybe post a download link on a texture pack website or something.

6. Even though AJHQ has brought us the wonderful 'preview' feature, the appearance of items can still be unpredictable. For example, when walking around Jamaa or doing a certain action the item can be very glitchy (e.g. digs into the animal in unnatural ways which is very disturbing to watch) so maybe you could have a 'test run', like you'd be able to walk around for 20 seconds and test out actions.

7. A wishlist would be something where players could add certain items that other players could view. Then people would know what to trade the owners of items they really want.

Well that's about it for the ideas, I hope you enjoyed them!
Signing off,


  1. Great ideas Ineffale! I think it would be awesome to have texture packs in Jamaal I actually was thinking about how that would work a while back! But it might be kind of hard since new items come every day... I also think some sort of return of the beta days would be cool! Another idea I had was for a new and in proved verso of the jammer wall like on a different site and more like Facebook or instagram I think that would be awesome! Maybe this is a job for us jammers? Well sorry for rambling but I just have SO many ideas for AJ XD.

    Jam on

    1. I think maybe it could be the job of the creator of the texture pack to update. Maybe monthly they could update items/make sure it's running smoothly. They'd have to submit the updated version to AJHQ and get it verified again, though.

  2. Replies

    2. I made fan art. I just broke a rule for the link sorry

    3. It's fine, Cuddly!! At least you admitted to your mistake.

      - CosmicCheetah @ the AJGC Management Team

    4. Yup! :) (The fan art is GREAT, by the way!!! :O) Links are OK, just as long as used in moderation. :)

  3. I like the ideas, Ineffable!! Now excuse me as I go back to listening to Heathens (by Twenty ∅ne Piløts) :).

    1. Love Twenty one Pilots! I just saw Andy Grammer last night he was great!

  4. Great ideas!!! I personally love the weather idea!

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