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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Glitched Spike?!

Hey jammers! Ineffable here!
I wanted to inform you guys about some news slowly spreading around Jamaa.
*I found this info on Instagram from various users*
So, this person with the username of 'pillowcloud' reportedly owns a magenta colored spike, which is the color of many glitched/ deleted items (e.g. magenta furry) because that is a certain color AJHQ workers use for testing items sometimes. Nobody is sure where the spike came from.
Maybe they work for Animal Jam? Or maybe it's one of those rare cases where the parent actually does work for AJHQ?
Here's the player profile + a magenta spike graphic (sorry for the terrible quality)
Some people think it might be from the spikes that were released into the Diamond Shop for a few days recently, but you can tell it is a long spiked collar and the ones in the Diamond Shop (which had tinted blue spikes on them) were short collars. 
If you have any more information on the topic or any theories, let us know in the comments below!
By the way, one of the YouTubers that first made a video about this was Pianoskycat, so make sure to check out her channel and her video!


  1. It turns out that the magenta spikes resulted from a bug during an account fix c:

    On Julian2's video on this topic (where he speculated that it was hacked into the game), AJHQ responded with:
    "No.... they didn't. It was a bug that occurred during an account fix CS was doing. Check our instagram! We currently do not intend on removing it from the game."

  2. I have one. it's a magenta LONG wrist, i'm gemling


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