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Thursday, August 11, 2016

New Play Wild Update!

Hiya everyone, Friday's almost here, so I decided to kick off my posting with news about the brand new update of AJ's app!

First, honey bees are now available as the fourth adorable pet. Their wings are so pretty as they flap rapidly by your animal's side. They cost 50 sapphires (and I'm broke haha).

Also today, on August 10th, Animal Jam's 3D world is celebrating its first birthday (technically the beta testing for it started around in June, but who's counting? ;P ). It seems like an eternity since I've been playing it!

We also have a new game out! It's called Block Break, and can be found in Serepia Forest, next to the large log. It has sixty levels, and you get special prizes for complete certain ones . . . there are power ups which can give you extra balls, make your trampoline grow bigger, and I think there's one with a reverse symbol thingy which I haven't figured out yet.

Aww, aren't the other pets so cute as well? Pets can now play with the items you buy in the shop in Appondale! I was actually just thinking what the use of them were if they didn't do anything . . .

The Wild Explorers tent has opened up in 3D as well. Just like the in-game version, it's found in Coral Canyons and has some educational videos, a feisty phantom, while sunlight beautifully streams in through the windows.

Finally, spiked wristbands are coming! I'm not sure where they'll be located, though . . . probably either in the sapphire shop or as a gift from the treasure hunt. Including the fact you can now try on clothes before buying first.

By the way, here's a cute AJ bee graphic!

Oh, and how could I forget? Check out this cool birthday cake I received when I logged on:

Well, that's all for now! Keep calm and jam on!


  1. Wow, I have playwild I just don't use it much cause it gobbles up all the space on my iPad:( I'm thinking if I get a smartphone for my bday I will get it on there cause there will be much more space probably?

    1. I can't play Play Wild, because when I downloaded it on my iPhone4, it never loaded enough for me to actually play! We have it on our iPad, but my brother always steals it. ):1

  2. I found out that the reverse ball reverses all of the power-ups you have gotten! I had a large trampoline, and when I caught the reverse ball, the trampoline was back to normal size!

    Anyways, great post!

    1. Ah thank you! Btw, re-read and fixed those typos. I should be more careful next time ;)

    2. Hey, are you guys still planning on making more Weekly Digests? I just was wondering, since the thing at the top hasn't been updated for a while!

    3. Awesomepanda has just been busy lately. I'll probably only do AJ Play Wild updates and some stories/graphics.

    4. @Swirlshine
      Ah, we are thinking of doing a monthly version of the Weekly Digest called Graham's Digest. You can read more in this post. However, this idea may overwrite the Weekly Digest.
      -CosmicCheetah @ The AJGC Management Team

    5. @Creature

      Yeah, I haven't seen or heard from Panda recently! Glad to hear you're helping to take over for her, though! I always love new fanfictions!! :D

      Ohh, I see! That works fine! :)

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.


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