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Monday, August 29, 2016

Melville's Culinary School | An Animal Jam Fan Fiction!

*This is based off of the anime, 'Food Wars', but I would not recommend this for jammers under the age of 12.*

    Melville's Culinary School is an elite school where jammers who are some of the best chefs in the world go to study Jamaasian gastronomy. LaSalle, the raccoon Alpha is the director of the academy and judges the well prepared dishes of the talented students that wish to join.

    Originally founded by Captain Melville, the old owner of the popular joint in Crystal Sands entitled 'Captain Melville's Juice Hut', the school was simply a program where animals would go to learn Melville's secrets in creating refreshing beverages, before two minor Alphas, Harper and Amelia, decided to transform it into an admirable cooking academy serving only the most splendid dishes.

    The way students are accepted into the academy is that LaSalle or one of the teachers will hear about a certain animal's dish and visit their restaurant (if they happen to own one) and sample their dishes. The following morning they present a golden box to the animal they just visited. If they find an orange token inside, that means they were accepted, but if it is blue, they were not.

    Major Windyspirit, a snow leopard with dark grey fur on top and a regular gray underbelly patterned with default snow leopard patterns in his fur was one of the students that had presented an orange token. The morning he received it, he packed his bags full of his belongings, with 2 cloth sacs full of gems and a few diamonds, headed off onto Liza's wonderfully carved boat and sailed away to the school.

    The academy was settled in the peaceful mountains, with a dirt path leading up to the main building and three dorms next to it; one behind a well-sized waterfall, another one in a secluded forest of bamboo; peaceful and quiet, with the third one overlooking Jamaa, close to a cliff with a beautiful view.

    The anxious snow leopard entered the main building with caution, bounding over to the front desk. A dark blue raccoon attired in a pair of Rare Nerd Glasses and a blue Jamaaliday sweater greeted him with a waving paw.
"Hello, you must be Major," she inquired. "Welcome to Melville's Culinary School." Major Windyspirit dipped his head, gulping nervously.
"Uhh...yeah, that's me." he stammered.
"Okay, you are to be in the dorm behind the waterfall; Harper's living quarters. Room 105," said the raccoon. handing him a key. The raccoon smiled. "By the way, I'm LaSalle." The snow leopard gaped, nodded respectfully, and quickly turned away, heading for his dorm.

    Oh my God...that was the LaSalle. And all I did was look like a complete idiot in front of her. I need to show this school that I can cook. thought Major with anxiety. He heaved a deep sigh as he exited the majestic building and headed towards his dormitory.

Should I make this into a series? I honestly don't know XD. Be honest and tell me what you would change about this. I like criticism in this case! PLEASE BE HONEST LOL
Thank you!!
Signing off,


  1. I like it so far! I'd love to hear more!

  2. Ugly dont make stories about aj its DUMB O_O

    F- test score

    sorry but its so dumb

    1. Why do you think it's dumb? Also, as an Anonymous user, you are required to sign off with your username. And I know this sound's like something your mom would say but maybe use a bit nicer language? Thanks :)


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