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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Pet Freebies!

Hey jammers! Quick post by Ineffable :)

Again, sorry for being inactive on this blog, we assure you, something big is coming, just read Panda's last post and you'll have all the details!

If you didn't already know, a new update just came out today where you can trade pets! You can't gift them, though. I would do an in-depth update report but I don't have much time to write, I have to go very soon DX.

Since I have all 4 types of promo pets, a ton of people have traded me random pets and I barely have any pet inventory space anymore. Oh my God, I've been saying the word 'pet' so much it's not even funny.

Okay, now to be a slight bit more formal. I've gotten tons of pets and I'll be glad to give somebody one of them! Since you can't gift them, you can just put something on trade, like a necklace or something not valuable to you.
Here are the pets you can ask for! (1 pet per person, comment below your username + which pet you want)
Pets (in list order):
  • Pet Joey/Kangaroo: Gomax

Pet Tiger: Daintyfish

  • Pet Arctic Wolf: Watergal

Pet Meerkat: Flutterlemon

Pet Polar Bear: Crunchykat

Pet Ferret: Waterpeach

Pet Armadillo: Snowwings

Pet Lion: Snowgal

If you don't like how the pet looks, you can either change it's accessories OR, if you don't already have the pet you can buy a new one and make it's outfit. You can also use them to trade.
Well, that's all for now! See ya later!
Signing off, Ineffable


  1. Can I have the ferret?
    My username is Lostfairy. :D

  2. Can I have the Meerkat? It's super-duper cute, and I might actually be getting a membership soon so I can have it follow me around! :)

  3. You. Can. Trade. PETS!?

    Gotta get on AJ!!!!!

  4. I really like the joey. It's super adorable!
    Username: Purplestarclub

  5. Can I have the lion?
    Btw your graphics are really good.I will use them in thumbnails but give you crdit if its okay.
    Im emptyg0ld on AJ

  6. Hello! Could I please have the ferret? Thanks! My user is Svanthemaster :D I have an addiction to ferrets

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. or the tiger, or the meerkat. hehe i loaf all of tem, mainly the ferret though ^-^

  7. Either the ferret or the armadillo! I'm cookycupcake, so feel free to send a buddy request :D

  8. I think the Meekrat is the one of the few that I'm missing from my pet collection, so I'd love one of those! (I'm bluepop777)

    On another note, I THINK I have almost all the other rareish pets, so you guys can just ask me for them, and I'll create 'em for you all ^-^
    I have (out of the ones not mentioned on this post): Snow Leopard, Mouse, Mantis, Snow Leopard, Firefly, and Squirrel.
    I also have various diamond shop pets c:

    1. EDIT: And I also have Grasshoppers. Forgot to mention those :P

  9. Could I have the Arctic wolf? It's really cute! my username is EternalCiel :)

  10. could i have the tiger? my user is legendaryym btw

  11. That is so cool, thank you :) My kid will love it, she is obsessed with animal. We have 3 dogs at the moment, all adopted and we just love getting pet freebies, we usually get them here -


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