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Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Year's Q&A!

Hey jammers! ^.^ Panda here!

So, I've noticed that a recurring trend every year on YouTube, blogs and social media is to host a huge Q&A session for people to ask tons of questions. Since Q&A's are super fun, I thought that I'd host one here on AJGC as well! :D

Your questions can be about anything--blogging, Animal Jam, graphics, editing, fun facts about me... etc. Just as long as they aren't inappropriate or too personal, I'll answer them!

To submit your questions for this event, simply comment on this post, comment on the Q&A page or use a private form by clicking here or on the button below.

I'll be answering all of the questions on January 2nd! ^.^

So click on that button above and start asking some questions! :D



  1. I added a lot of non-personal questions! Happy 2016, Panda! I just came back from a vacation!

    1. Yep, I got them! ^.^ Happy New Year's to you as well! And I hope that you had a lovely vacation. :)

    2. I did have a lovely vacation! I was swimming at a water park... I loved the floor in the hallway to the water park! We also got free stuff :3

    3. That sounds epic! I love waterparks! :D

  2. Panda, can you give me a site for a blog clock? Thanks! I'm signed in because I'm remodeling one of my blogs, The Animal Jam Shine.

    1. Sure! The site that I personally use for all of my blog clocks and such is this one:

      I hope that helps! Make sure to tell me when you finish your redesign! I'd love to check your blog out! :D

    2. Thanks for the link! I'm loving the sticky note clock!

  3. Also - may I have an eCourse? I can pay a Rare Eyeball Hat :)
    Rare Eyeball Hat (Orange)+ Bread Hat and Golden Bow And Arrows for the other commissions I ordered
    Thanks! I can help out with some stuff if you want. I'm not that busy now that I have winter break off from school.

    1. Sure! And if any commissions come up, it would be great if you could pitch in and help! :D

    2. Okay! Just email me if you need any help. And be sure to tell me, I don't check my email often.


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