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Monday, December 7, 2015

Jamaaliday Hedge + Rare Yeti Face

Hello everyone! My name is Cosmic, or Cheetah. My Animal Jam username is Cheetah87516, if you are wondering. I am a holiday author for the AJGC. So, enough about me. Onto the real post.
Today's Jamaaliday gift is the Jamaaliday Hedge. It was not appearing for me, so I screenshotted it in my inventory. So, today is Monday (And also my birthday - hehe) so it's Rare Item Monday (RIM)!
This is the Rare Yeti Face, for 850 Gems. Sadly, it's a members-only-item (Yes, below are my Gems - hehe). The Daily Explorer has posted about this Jamaaliday rare! You can see their post here.
So, there is a returning item, in a new store. Say hello to the Reindeer Slippers in the Shiveer Shop!
(Sorry I don't know how to make a GIF) Reindeer Slippers are 550 Gems, and sadly, for members. I don't know if any AJGC author has posted these items, but say hello to this pair!
Candy Cane Crown

Candy Cane Tiara
Now that I have shown you (The reader) the new/returning items, say farewell to the....
 Flaming Jack-O'-Lantern Mask,
Turkey Hat (And a weird position for my collection!),
Areca Palm, and the

Aloe Vera Plant. So, on my posts I have a mystery, and in the comments I want you to give your theory.

Why do you think Epic Wonders is carved into a rock and behind a waterfall? Answer in the comments! So, this post is getting to it's end, farewell! You shall see me again on: 12/14! Also, what signature do you like best? 
this one? Answer in the comments!


  1. Wow! Great post! ^.^ And you have a LOT of gems! XD

    I personally prefer the 2nd signature just a little bit more, but they're both pretty epic.

    I also think that Epic Wonders is located there because AJHQ wanted it to be more secluded and "secret" so that the items there would seem more exclusive and special. Just a thought. :P Also, putting stuff behind waterfalls is just really cool so... that too.

  2. Awesome!
    I personally think the first is the best. ^^

  3. I like have 18,000 Gems now! Where did all of my Gems go? :O

    1. XD

      Gems have a way of escaping rather quickly. :P I used to have around 50,000 and then I checked earlier today and I only had 20,000.

      WHY, GEMS! >:O


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