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Saturday, January 2, 2016


Hey jammers! So, I'm here today with the answers to all of your Q&A questions! :D

Lovely1147046 asked:
Q1: How did you find Animal Jam?
A1: One of my old best friends played it, and one day when I went over to her house, she showed me around the world of Jamaa for the first time. I was instantly captivated by the cute artwork and the fun interactive games and animal facts. We played the plushie claw and Tierney's tide pool game. So when I went home that day, I made an account with the username, awesomepanda868.

Q2: What is your favorite Animal Jam animal?
A2: I also have several favorite animals, but would have to say that the panda, the bunny and the fox are my favorites! I also find the lynx and the penguin to be quite adorable as well. ^.^

Q3: Why did you decide to blog?
A3: I first found Animal Jam Cheats & Codes by MisterChunkyBuddy and The Animal Jam Whip by Nafaria9, and was drawn into the world of blogging. I created a blog before AJGC that some of you may remember (I know that you will, Lovely1147046!) and then eventually created AJGC as well.

Q4: Do you enjoy blogging?
A4: Yes, yes, and definitely yes! Blogging allows me to make friends, make people happy and write, three of my tippety-top favorite things in the entire world!

Snickerdoodle asked:
Q1: Have you ever hacked/scammed someone?
A1: I'm not really sure how to answer this one... I suppose... yes and no. Once someone traded me something that I had really wanted for the longest time, and I accepted. Then they immediately told me that I had to give it back and that I had scammed them. I'm not sure if that counts or not, especially since I ended up not giving the item back, but you can be the judge of that. :)

Q2: Do you like the game Webkinz?
A2: I used to play Webkinz, starting when I was about four years old. I became an avid Webkinz player and collected over 25 Webkinz pets including a super rare Signature Panda and several Mazin' Hamsters. I even purchased a three-month Deluxe membership when they first launched the Deluxe system. But soon Webkinz became centered entirely around Deluxe, they began to remove some of my favorite features and items, making them only for Deluxe members, and the whole shebang seemed like a funnel to generate money for themselves and I no longer found it very fun.

Nafaria9 asked:
Q: What is your favorite food?
A: My favorite food is probably mac and cheese, pizza or pasta, but my favorite dessert is anything chocolate. :D

Talonflame80841 asked:
Q: Have you played video games like Darkstalkers, Mortal Combat or Pokemon?
A: No, I haven't. But I have played other video games like Diablo III, Skyrim and Little Big Planet. ^.^

ILikePancakes asked:
Q1: What is your favorite holiday?
A1: My favorite holiday is Christmas, because of all of the festive cheer, delicious food and opening presents! XD

Q2: What is your favorite season?
A2: I'd say that in terms of the actual season, my favorites are fall and winter, but I also like summer because of the fact that there is no school. :P

Cutemittenformouse asked:
Q1: Do you like the new or the old LPS better?
A1: I haven't purchased an LPS set/figure in several years, but I looked up a comparison of the two different figures on Google and decided that they're both extremely cute, but the old ones seem more realistic and the newer ones are a bit more glitzy. Overall, I'd say the older ones, but they are both adorable. ^.^

Q2: Do you watch Sailormoon?
A2: No, I don't! Is is good?

CosmicCheetah asked:
Q1: What was your first animal in Animal Jam?
A1: My first animal was a panda named Flora, whom I actually still have! :D

Q2: What is your favorite color(s)?
A2: Definitely pink, but I do like pearly white, mint and gold as well.

Q3: When did you join Animal Jam?
A3: I joined Animal Jam in 2014! ^.^

Q4: How many graphics do you think you have made?
A4: Hmm... I'd have to say somewhere between 200 and 400, though I'm not sure.

Q5: What got you into the spirit for Animal Jam blogging?
A5: As I said to Lovely earlier, I found some other Animal Jam blogs that I really loved and decided that I wanted to make my own! ^.^

Q6: Who is your Animal Jam inspiration?
A6: Nafaria9, MisterChunkyBuddy, EtherealComet and NumNum13 all had me start blogging!

Q7: Who is your best friend in Animal Jam?
A7: I dearly love all of my buddies in AJ, and could never pick just one who was my "best friend." Before I started blogging, however, my two best friends on AJ were my two best IRL friends, whom I won't name (because we've had kind of an awkward falling out...).

Q8: What site do you recommend for graphic making and editing?
A8: I recommend Pixlr for graphic-making and PicMonkey for editing, especially since they are both free, but if you happen to have access to Photoshop, Photoshop Elements or another program like that, then I'd say that those would work perhaps a bit better.

Q9: What is your favorite food? Beverage?
A9: As I said in Nafaria's answer, my favorite foods are mac and cheese, pizza, pasta and anything chocolate. My favorite beverage is definitely apple juice or chocolate milk!

Q10: Do you have any pets?
A10: Unfortunately, no! I would really like a bunny or a cat though...

Q11: What are your Animal Jam New Year's resolutions for 2016?
A11: Hmm... I never really thought about making resolutions for Animal Jam... I suppose my resolution is to be as kind and understanding to everyone as I possibly can! ^.^

Q12: What is your favorite overall item in Animal Jam?
A12: I have several, but my top three favorites would have to be the pink party hat, the rare nerd glasses, and the epic panda plushie.

Q13: Do you play Animal Jam - Play Wild?
Q13: No, I actually don't! I don't own an iPhone and my family's shared tablet broke a few months back, so I can't download it on any of my devices. D:

Ievyn asked:
Q: What's your favorite thing to do on AJ?
A: I love to visit the different places in Jamaa (my favorites are Mt. Shiveer and Jamaa Township!) and chat with my wonderful buddies!

So I hope that you all enjoyed that Q&A! Questions are now closed, but you can always check out the Q&A page or the AJGC Help Center for more answers! :D



  1. I also love my Rare Nerd Glasses! My pair is the "glitched" one. It seems like I asked the most questions...

    1. Yep, the nerd glasses are super cute on bunnies, and they're just so representative of my personality--I'm a total nerd in real life. XD

      Haha, you did ask a lot of questions, but it made composing the answers much more fun! The more questions I got to answer, the more fun it was! :D

  2. Would you like to be on my Other Blogs page on The Animal Jam Shine?

    1. I'll add you! I also added the Happy Movement.

    2. The AJGC has been added to the list!

    3. Yay, thanks! Your blog has been added to my page as well. ^.^

    4. You're welcome! Thanks, also!


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