Blogger Tricks Animal Jam Graphic Central!: Jamaaliday Gift #1 + Jamaaliday Light Strand! (Also the Jamaaliday Posting Schedule for Authors)

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Jamaaliday Gift #1 + Jamaaliday Light Strand! (Also the Jamaaliday Posting Schedule for Authors)

Hey jammers! It's Panda! And I'm here today with an... (gasp) updates post? What? I haven't done one of these in ages, and it feels so odd to be doing on again. But as I just invited some of the new authors to the blog a few minutes ago (#procrasination) I haven't posted the Jamaaliday posting schedule yet, so I decided to do today's post myself.

The Jamaaliday advent calendar of gifts was first introduced today! ^.^ You'll see this screen when you log in:

When you click on the first gift, you'll receive a holiday welcome mat! Here's how it looks:

It's a new Jamaaliday advent item! I'm hoping that this means that AJHQ might add in some other new holiday advent gifts! But I hope that they keep some of my favorite items from last year as well! ^.^ What do you hope that they'll put in the advent calendar this year?

In Jam Mart Furniture there's a new item as well--the Jamaaliday Light Strands. These come in different colors (speaking of which: isn't it awesome that non-members can now change item colors?) such as red, green, yellow, blue, white, pink and flashing multi-colored. 

What I especially love about this item is how versatile it is. It can be hung up anywhere in your den to add a bit of Jamaaliday flair! ^.^

Also, it's non-member. Is it just me, or does it seem like AJHQ has begun to give non-members more privileges. Perhaps the Jamaalidays and Feast of Thanks holidays have put them in a more generous mood. ;) Let's hope that some of the other members-only features soon become non-member as well! (I'm looking at you, third animal slot! :D)

Now it's time for the author posting schedule for December!

 Tuesday, 12/1: awesomepanda868
Wednesday, 12/2: awesomepanda868
Thursday, 12/3: thegreatanimaljammer
Friday, 12/4: Icey29
Saturday, 12/5: icypaw97
Sunday, 12/6: svanthemaster
Monday, 12/7: Cheetah87516
Tuesday, 12/8: iceypaw97
Wednesday, 12/9: awesomepanda868
Thursday, 12/10: svanthemaster
Friday, 12/11: thegreatanimaljammer
Saturday, 12/12: Icey29
Sunday, 12/13: iceypaw97
Monday, 12/14: Cheetah87516
Tuesday, 12/15: iceypaw97
Wednesday, 12/16: awesomepanda868
Thursday, 12/17: Icey29
Friday, 12/18: thegreatanimaljammer
Saturday, 12/19: svanthemaster
Sunday, 12/20: iceypaw97
Monday, 12/21: Cheetah87516
Tuesday, 12/22: iceypaw97
Wednesday, 12/23: awesomepanda868
Thursday, 12/24: thegreatanimaljammer
Friday, 12/25: awesomepanda868

I'll also email this to all of the authors, as well as several other specific posts (such as exclusive Jamaaliday posts, Jamaaliday graphics posts etc.) and their schedules. I've also sent author requests to all of the chosen authors, so look for those in your inboxes!

So tomorrow, expect another post from me! ^.^



  1. I love it! also, could you edit the schedule so I'm posting some days? I finally have time ... but I will be on vacation from the 25th to the 30th. Sorry for any possible inconvienence

    1. I'm not sure if I can edit the schedule now, but if any of the authors are busy on certain days or if you view the blog one day and notice that the author for that day hasn't posted yet, then would it be possible for you to fill in? I'm sorry--I wasn't sure if you were available during the month of December to post at all. >.< Also, could you possibly help some of the authors to create some epic holiday graphics? I know that you can make really awesome graphics!

      Again, I'm sorry! If any of the dates open up, I'll be sure to email you about it!


  2. *Jaw Drops* Omg... am I really posting on my birthday [the first time I'm posting ^-^]!?!? Thanks, Panda! I will get started on the Jamaaliday graphics, for the blog and for fun, and I will make a graphic of all of the Jamaaliday Gifts!! ^-^ Thanks again Panda! :D

    1. Oh, I had no idea that it was your birthday on the 7th! (Happy early birthday!!) Would you like to change your posting date if you have any birthday plans or anything?

    2. I'm not sure if I have any plans, but I will tell you! I actually do want to post on my birthday though :3

    3. My bday's on the 12th :o


    4. @Cosmic
      Okay! I'm honored that you'd want to post on the blog on your birthday! :D But if you turn out to actually have any special birthday plans, please do tell me! I wouldn't want to overload you with obligations on your special day. :)

      Really? That's awesome! Happy early birthday to you as well! :D


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