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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Jamaaliday Gift #3 + Jamaaliday Earmuffs + Phantom Snow Tree!

Hey jammers! It's Dew here, filling in for thegreatanimaljammer, who appears to not have created a post yet. Sorry about that! I haven't posted on this blog much before, due to a small hiatus on my part from the internet, but I hope to be posting more soon. This post will be a little rushed, but I have homework to do and a band concert. c:

Anyways, today's jamaaliday gifts are the returning Candy Cane Socks and 1 Diamond:

Aaanddd, the new shop items are the returning Jamaaliday Earmuffs and the Phantom Snow Tree:

AJHQ sure is releasing a lot of items for December :o. The Phantom Snow Tree isn't my kind of item, but I'm sure it would be an amazing addition to a phantom or snow themed den! I also found that the Jamaaliday Earmuffs and Candy Cane Socks go together really well on the returning deer. Where do you think the deer went while they were gone?

 Above is just a little outfit I put together for the Jamaalidays. Nothing complicated, just a compilation of some of today's returning items and past jamaaliday items ^-^

•Snowflake Balloon (One of last year's jamaaliday items!)
•Jamaaliday Earmuffs
•Jamaaliday Scarf
•Candy Cane Socks

Well, that's it for this post! Better get working on my homework now. Expect a pawsome post from Icey29!

P.S. Feel free to check out my Jamaalidays-themed den at: bluepop777

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