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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Jamaaliday Gift #2 + Giant Present Pile + Snow Globe Hat!

Hey jammers! It's Panda here again! ^.^ This post is coming to you rather early because I stayed home sick today. >.< It's a pretty minor cold though, so I feel basically fine. Plus I get to miss band class. :P

Anyways... today's Jamaaliday advent gift is the Jamaaliday centerpiece:

Yay for unqiue and new Jamaaliday item #2! I hope that the future Jamaaliday gifts this year are also new and haven't been included in previous Jamaaliday advent calendars, because it adds some extra excitement to each present, y'know? :P

In Jam Mart Furniture, you can also find the new giant gift pile:

Even though this item is a repeat from last year, it's one of my favorites so I don't care. It's an epic item for all jammers to purchase--how can you not like it? Plus, I totally didn't just binge-buy 8 of these... *awkward cough*

You can find a new snow globe hat in Jam Mart Clothing as well!

This hat isn't something that I would necessarily buy, but it's still awesome and new, nonetheless.

Before I rap up this post, I just wanted to show you this wacky jammer I found in Jamaa Township yesterday:

Weird or not? :P If you can't see, there is a polar bear wearing a bread hat in the background of this image, and two wolves were arguing over who got to eat this poor bread-hat-clad pobie. There was much more weirdness that occurred after this picture was taken (such as the wolf saying, "Munch, munch, you taste good!" and the other wolf tackling the first wolf to the ground and screaming, "WHY YOU EAT MY BREAD?!?!?!" but I didn't want to waste too much of the post talking about them. :P)

Okay jammers! That's it for this post! Expect an epic post from thegreatanimaljammer tomorrow! ^.^



  1. Great post as always Panda btw if u can check the Jamaaliday Jam Party there are also new items as well as returning ones

    1. Thank you! ^.^ Also, I'll be sure to check out the party when it FINALLY comes up in my party menu. >.<

  2. Great post, Panda! I can't wait for thegreatanimaljammer's post tomorrow! I am working on a boatload of graphics for my first post, hehe ;)

    1. Thanks! :D And I'm super pumped to see what epic graphics you come up with! ^.^

  3. @awesomepanda868 Is it possible that I can post on my own, just something extra (maybe outfit/den ideas, haven't thought it through yet), outside of the schedule? I'd like to make up for my inactivity~ owo


    1. Of course you can! All of the authors are completely welcome to post any other posts that they like! And don't apologize for any inactivity--we're all busy sometimes!


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