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Friday, December 4, 2015

How to find GLITCHES!

Hey everyone! I'm Icey, and I'm a guest author on the AJGC! I'm a huge fan of the blog and I'm absolutely ecstatic to be here. I run my own blog about glitches in Jamaa- aptly named the "Jamaa Alpha". Feel free to contact me there if you'd like!
Anywho, since I have three days to post, I thought I might as well base the posts around a specific theme. I'm absolutely obsessed with the technical aspects of Animal Jam, so I decided to base my posts around glitches and the BETA days of the game (which I participated in, whoop~!)
Before I begin the explanations, today's Jamaaliday item is the Snowman In The Box!

Anywho, for today, I wanted to show everyone how to find glitches in-game!

Finding glitches is important for the game's health. By finding and reporting bugs, you're making AJ a better place for everyone, and you're making it less worrisome for the developers. Plus, it can be a lot of fun if you do it right.
Before we begin, I wanted to mention that there may be technical lingo in this post you aren't familiar with. I will try my best to flesh out these terms and explain them, but if anything's confusing, please do leave a comment so I can elaborate.

Alright. Without further hesitation, let's jump right in, shall we?
The first (and easiest) way to find glitches is to play the game itself. By paying attention and playing the game normally, you will notice things that don't quite fit. This is how I find the majority of my glitches. Just a few days ago, I encountered this:
You wouldn't have noticed this if you weren't paying attention! For all reasons, if you're interested in glitching the game, paying attention at all times is the first step.

Purposely glitching the game is the next step. This has become more difficult over the years, but it's still possible. Paying close attention to how other glitches work is key here.
For example, a large portion of the major glitches nowadays occur underwater, as it is the most underdeveloped area of the game, and is consequentially the most glitchy. By studying the way other glitches work, we can adapt them into new glitches.
For example, phasing into walls are the most common and well-known glitches, and were called Skyway Glitches (a term coined in late 2011). They allowed players to walk into the sky easily, and explore previously unknown areas (such as the elephant above the temple of trivia)
I decided to combine this with the door phasing glitch (phasing, a term used to describe sliding into inaccessible areas for a point in time) and a Skyway Glitch. This is what happened:

Wow. Umm... I wasn't expecting that. Awesome. In this glitch, we actually passed the teleportation point and started walking off the stage. We can walk around on the pathway!

Anyway, I hope you learned a bit from this post! Have a terrific Jamaalidays, and JAM ON!

EDIT: You people sent me 21+ buddy requests! Sorry, I can't accept them, but I'm so very thankful. <3


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