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Wednesday, December 23, 2015


Here is one part of Cosmic's commission:

I hope that you like them! ^.^ I'll post your signature soon as well!



  1. Panda, the first and second prizes aren't the exact colors, I can show you them. The first prize is the silver spike, and the second prize is the non-rare pinkish bow. If you didn't understand any of the prize colors, please tell me. Other than that, everything is good! :)

    1. Also, I'm not even close to finishing the drawing! I'm still on the first part, LOL! I hope you like the drawing, I'm working hard on it! I once got logged out of Animal Jam because I worked on the drawing for so long! :)

    2. Oh, okay! I wasn't totally sure which colors the prizes were, and (maybe it's because I'm REALLY tired right now XD) I probably didn't read through your email carefully enough. I'll post your signature and the edited version of your contest image within the next couple of days. ^.^

      I'm so happy to see how dedicated you are to the project! Take your time on it--there's no rush! :D


    3. I used some characters:
      You! (Working on a commission list)
      Fluttergirl, one of your hamsters (drawing, the drawing is a graphic!)
      Arctic (holding a the Page Pack in a package)
      A random kinda-rare person paying Arctic with a basketball
      :) I'm gonna take my time. This usually takes a few days, depending if the computer gets rebooted and I forget about it [D:] or if I'm roleplaying, or etc. Also, when is a good time to give you my payment for the commission? I'm on anytime in the afternoon EST, earliest around 4:00 P.M. EST. Tuesdays and Fridays I can't get on in the afternoon.

    4. Also, because for the fun of it, I'm gonna make a template called "Dear Mira..."! It is a calm template and it features the true beauty of Mira herself. I will put the link when I'm done with the template.


    6. That is so cool! I love how you incorporated everything into the drawing in such a smooth and cohesive way! ^.^ The hamster drawing the graphic is so creative! :D

      And I love your template! ^.^ Would you mind if I added it to the Commissions page? Do you have any specific payment you'd like to charge for it (it can be free, cost an item over 250 gems etc.)? I'll also direct anyone who'd like to order it to you, so that you can install the theme on their blog. ^.^

      Have a lovely day! And I'm normally on AJ anywhere from 9-11 AM EST and 3-5 PM EST.


    7. I don't mind if you add it to the Commissions page! For the payment, I would say... anywhere from 300 Gems to 650 Gems. Also, today's Jamaaliday Gift is glitched! It's raspberry, and it's also in stores for MEMBERS! You should really post about it.


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