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Monday, December 15, 2014

Special Event : Annual Secret Santa!

Hi jammers! Yes, the special event is a Secret Santa! If you don't know how a Secret Santa exchange works, here is what it is: You are assigned a name of a person who you have to get a gift for. Since it is a "secret" Santa, you don't tell whomever you picked that you got them. On a certain day, everyone who was part of the Secret Santa exchange will give their presents to their Secret Santa!
Our event will be held a lot like the real thing. Except, a little differently. First off, since we are all doing this virtually, and most of us don't know each other in real life, we can't give real gifts to each other. So, we will give gifts on Animal Jam!
Everyone who wants to be a part of this year's annual Secret Santa exchange will enter their username (via private form, email or comment) and on Friday, December 19th, (this Friday) I will assign every person who entered their username, another person who entered. This will be done randomly. I will probably have a number for everyone and use the Random Number Generator.
Now for some rules and info about the contest in a random video I whipped up...

Here is everything I said in the video and more (like how to enter):
  • Any gift is fine, as long as it isn't a cheap gift like a 45 gem necklace. Please, please, please consider your present. Don't be greedy and give your Secret Santa a cheap necklace and expect the person who picked you to get you a rare or something. Some gift ideas include: adventure items (like the prizes from Twists and Turns, Jamaailday Rescue, Bubble Trouble, In Too Deep etc.), more expensive Epic Wonders items, small/medium unwanted rares and any other ideas you have! Remember- the rarity of the gift isn't important! As the old saying goes, "It's the thought that counts!"
  • Entries for the event are due on Friday, December 19th. I promise- everyone will get a Secret Santa! 
  • We will give the presents to our Secret Santas either on Christmas Eve, Christmas day or within a week of Christmas. If you haven't gotten your gift by the end of a week after Christmas, I will contact the person who got you and figure out what is going on.
  • If your Secret Santa is a non-member, or you are a non-member, you can trade them their present, and if you are a member giving a gift to a member, you can just gift it! (Make sure to make the Jam-a-Gram look nice though! Use some flashy postcards and stickers! ^.^)
  • Please don't ruin the element of surprise by telling your Secret Santa that you got them or what you are getting them. It is fun to be surprised!
  • You can enter one of three ways. First, you can enter in the private form on the footer of the blog. Where it says "Name", fill in your Animal Jam username. Where it says "Email", fill in your email so I can email your Secret Santa to you on Friday. In the space that says "Message", title your message: SECRET SANTA ENTRY. You can include any other questions you have about the event below that heading as well. When you are done, you can send the message. The second way, is to email your entry to me. Create a new message to: and make the subject of the email: SECRET SANTA ENTRY. In the message, type in your Animal Jam username and any other questions you have. The third way is to put your entry in a comment on this post. Like the others, title it: SECRET SANTA ENTRY and write your Animal Jam username below it, as well as any questions you have. If you would like your Secret Santa to be sent to your by email on Friday, include your email as well. Otherwise, I can meet you on Animal Jam on Friday (or the day after) and I can tell you your Secret Santa then.
If you still have any questions, be sure to include them in your entry or in a comment!
Okay- I hope you will enjoy this fun Jamaailday event! I am so excited for this! ^.^
Ciao jammers- have a jolly night! 

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