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Monday, December 1, 2014

Jamaailday Gift #1 + RIM + Pet Reindeer + Graphic

Hi jammers! If you've already logged onto Animal Jam, then you know that the first daily Jamaailday gift was released today! Here is the full gift calendar:

As I was saying in my post on my other blog, what if the diamonds next to the presents on some days mean that we will receive diamonds on those days? In fact, I am almost certain that is what they mean. The presents this year will go until December 31st instead of just going until Christmas like last year. Yay! These presents might make some nifty graphics- I will try later! ^.^ I love how the bows are huge and cheerful, and the wrapping has nice bold colors!
The RIM today is for sale in Jam Mart Clothing (on the second page) and is the Rare Beaded Necklace:

Reindeer are now available! Whoopee! You can buy these cute friends from Jamaa Township! Rudolph, the red nosed reindeer, had a very shiny nose... :trails off into Rudolph songs:

In fact, my polar bear is now the proud owner of a reindeer named Redapple!

And yes, I will be changing the template of the blog later today in honor of it being the first day of December! Jolly month, jammers!
I have redecorated my den and filled it with plushies. Plush-land! Free admission! XD Here is my stuffed-animal-crazed room!

I wuv to hug my fwuffy fwiends! (the sentence with many typos) ^.^
Moving on, (shoves plushies out of the way) here is a graphic I made (it has a white background) and it is of emotes... I guess? Here it is:
by awesomepanda868

And in honor of it being December 1st, you don't have to give me credit if you use it. I know, I'm awesome. XD Just kidding. But you don't have to give credit.
The theme of Jamaa Township has changed from a cheery fall place to a festive Jamaailday-centered place to hang out with buddies and sing carols, have fun and hopefully drag over some delicious hot cocoa from the Hot Cocoa Hut!

Speaking of hot cocoa, there is a small bonfire in Jamaa Township where the fountain usually is where an unattended cup of hot cocoa lies! Maybe there are a few drops left for me... :checks cup:

And yet, this beautiful, serene, calm, peaceful and quiet atmosphere of loveliness had to be interrupted by a rare-obsessed statement.... Grrr....

I can't believe that all jammers do nowadays is trade! Animal Jam wasn't created to trade every second! It was created so you could meet new friends, adopt pets, play games and learn about wildlife! Not obsess over pixels! >.<
Yet another person ruins my already-messed-up-calm:

Okay, enough of me being mad XD 
The Mira statue at the top of Jamaa Township has become the ice one! I like this Mira the best, it has a quiet, icy beauty to it.

There is a cute snowman right below the Mira statue! I love it! So cute! I hope they make this little guy one of the Jamaailday gifts! My polar bear isn't too pleased with the arrival of the snowman, however:

Sorry Fuzzy, your snowman isn't as big as that one. Nor as decorated. 
Twists and Turns still hasn't returned to Jamaa! Those pesky phantoms! >.<
Whew- that was a long post! I hope you actually read all of it! XD
Bye jammers, stay tuned for the new template!

(We've reached 1,660 views! Yay!)


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